Those with Hermes bags, do you still carry others?

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  1. I've just got my first birkin so for a quite long time I want to use it:smile: But I'm sure I'll go on using also my other bags, exp when it rains or in place not safe for my baby:smile:
  2. So, hkstar, have you receive your blue jean JPG already? Or do you buy the grey one? Keep us posted.
  3. I absolutely will use other bags. I fall in love in varying degrees with bags and I need variety! It's a case-by-case basis as to what bags I fall for and not always a designer bag. I do like to mix it up a little.
  4. I still mix up my bags. Every day is not an Hermes day for me.
  5. Everyday is an Hermes day to me :lol: I think I need to give her a rest every now and then though, thats why I need to find my next purchase! :lol:
  6. I rotate my bags everyday. I really don't use my Birkin to much because it's the only thing that I have left of my mother. When she passed I kept her bags.
  7. This week, I was always looking at the weather! If it's not raining, it's kelly day! The other time, it rained in the morning but became sunny in the afternoon. So, I went back home, changed clothes and took my Kelly out for a walk.
  8. LaVan, these Hermes bags are liked prized pets - and you even walk yours LOL!! It's an orange day for me again...:love:
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. since i am collecting hermes,i dont feel like to carry other bags!crazy!!!i amabout to selling my suhali LVs and buy some hermes instead of....
    if it is a rainy day,i wear massai,if it is an important day i wear birkin,for running around with the kids i use picotin and go to the city i mostly use my herbags....i could imagine live only with birkins although:smile:
  11. Birkins don't fare too well when flying. There is not always room under the seat in front, depending on plane size, etc. The overhead bin is not a good place for a Birkin either. A Clemence, Togo, or buffalo Birkin will eventually get soft and floppy enough to fit under the seat with no problem.
    Depending upon the nature of the travel, you may not want to be limited to a bag that is heavy to carry by hand all the time. So, I would not get rid of good travel bags.
  12. ^^I agree golconda. I still carry my black nylon Prada messnger bag for rainy days, runs to the grocery store, and for traveling. I do plan on selling the rest of my collection off since I only want Hermes items now.
  13. i'm with you...i find myself only wanting to carry my hermes bags.
    i can see myself unloading most of my collection except maybe ten bags.
  14. I still carry other because I either don't own all the Hermes bags I need, and they don't make all the bags I require....but almost.....
  15. I don't have a Hermes bag yet, but when I do, I will still use my other bags. I love all my Chanels and LV because of the style and different colors.:love: :flowers: