Those with Hermes bags, do you still carry others?

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  1. I'm wondering to what extent I will carry my other bags (although I am planning on selling several) if at all since getting my new you still swap and change or mostly carry your Hermes bag(s)? Those of you who are awaiting your purchase, what bag are carrying in the meantime? I'm trying to really figure out how many bags I should keep and what to sell....:wacko:
  2. I think I'll definitely carry my birkin more when I get it, thats why I want it, to be an everyday bag :biggrin:
  3. Shoes, I say keep everything you love. Things you dont like much sell them and the in between bags wait a bit and see how you feel, so you have no regrets.

    I still carry other bags as well. I suppose that is because I only own one Hermes bag. If I had a library like Gigi (said with a smile) I am sure I would be a Hermes girl only. I have a collection of croc bags and alligator bags all in Kelly style and I use them a great deal. I also have a few other designer bags I use. I really can't use the bags I love due to my lifestyle now with three toddlers. All in good time!
  4. I think life with just birkins alone is so boring. It's like wearing black all the time!
  5. You do have croc & alligator kellys? Wish to see the pics. Such a lucky lady.
  6. Heaven's yes! I still love my other bags, too. I just got a kelly. It was raining today and I thought, no way, I took a Fendi.
    I couldn't picture taking it to work and seeing it get banged up while stuffed away in a metal filing cabinet.
  7. I carry LV most of the time when I'm not using my Trim(so far, my only Hermes)
  8. I use my other bags (LV and Balenciaga mostly) just as much as my Hermès. I have sold a few lately though that I had stopped using, I want to try and buy fewer bags but better ones.. if you see what I mean..:smile:
  9. Since I only have a Kelly, I still use my other bags ... especially when it's raining. I tend to alternate with my Prada bags and a couple of Balenciagas. Haven't used my LV in ages.
  10. I try to use my Birkin as often as I can. But I also like to use my other bags so I don't get bored. For everyday use I like my YSL Mombasa, Chanel cambon tote or Damier Alma.
  11. Interesting question you ask. Yes, I do carry other bags (Chloe, Chanel, MJ). Honestly, there is nothing like an Hermes bag. The quality cannot be compared. In fact, after I got my first birkin, I found that other designer bags just didn't seem interesting to me any more.

    ...BUT that was short-lived! I guess it really all depends on your personality. I like mixing designers and looks. It's more fun that way. I suggest you keep all the bags you truly love (particularly if you have designer classics). Trust me, you'll need them at some point for some occasion.
  12. Thank you for the answers! I guess what I'm trying to determine is - I can't afford to get bored and buy a mix of these bags or continue to buy at my usual pace after purchasing these! I have about a total of 10 bags....designer, and I'm hoping that's enough for a long time! Some are for different reasons of course, and different colors, so I think I should be okay...I think as long as I can purchase accessories, etc., I should be okay.....;) I'm happy to say I just discovered I can return an unused bag to NM I bought in the fall so that will help some of the money sting!
  13. What is the brand of your unused bag, shoes319?
  14. It's a white bag by Marc Jacobs...all packed and ready to go back!
  15. I still wear my other bags :smile:

    IMO, there are certain events or occasions when it's really not appropriate to wear Hermes. For example when it's pouring like crazy :unsure: or when you're going to a place when someone could easily spill mustard on your bag! :lol:

    I remembered someone on another thread posted how one would be perceived if she were to wear an Hermes Birkin/Kelly to a job interview or when meeting a boyfriend's family for the first time etc. Well, these are times when I will definitely not wear an Hermes bag.

    I suppose most women with Hermes Kellys/Birkins would have the IQ & EQ to know when NOT to wear one :amuse: ;)