Those with disabilities

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  1. I have a communications class. We're doing a paper on people with disabilities and how they feel they are treated. If you have a disability, could you please answer some questions for me? I'll pm you for privacy.
  2. Hey! this is a really interesting topic! If you and your survey subjects feel comfortable, you should post back with some anonymous and very generalised comments about how disabled people feel they are treated. It would be an eye opener!

    I just thought I'd mention it because I read an article once about a disabled woman in a supermarket who was waiting in a queue behind a mother and her son (who was very young, I think) and he turned around and said "Mummy, what's wrong with that lady?" and the mum went bright red and scolded him very loudly about how it's rude to say things about disabled people. The disabled woman said it made her feel really bad, because she would have rathered the mother explain to her son that she was disabled and some people just are, instead of treating her disability like an embarrassment. I thought this was an interesting comment and one I had never thought about. I suppose everyone is different, but it got me thinking about how being too PC actually reinforces the fact that someone is different to you (in any situation - disability, race, sex, religion, build, looks...).
  3. I have Rheumatoid Athritis. A disability that because it's not always obvious physically, people /places can be very difficult. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.
  4. I have lymphedema in all 4 limbs...feel free to pm me.
  5. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis. pm me.
  6. I'm hearing disabled, feel free to PM. Great first name you have there BTW! :P
  7. I'm hearing impaired as well, and have a cochlear implant! Wouldn't mind helping you out. Just PM me!
  8. Thank you all. If you want your answers shared annoymously, I will. If not, I won't. :smile:
  9. my sister is severly disabled - like having a one year old around ... if you want to PM me im happy to help if you want my opinion as a sister.
  10. My son has a few disabilities - If you're interested on the viewpoint of a parent/caregiver I'd be happy to answer some questions.