Those with BAN experience!!

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  1. omg....since my rose splurge I have to put myself on a ban and I am having a horrible time (I broke it buying a 2nd hand mc purse) keeping to the ban. My intention is to save up for 6 months and then see if there is anything to pick up.

    I need pointers as to how to keep strong! ...... it seems like the ban has made me more crazy for LV!!
  2. Focus on home redecoration? pick a room to do a small makeover in, watch HGTV.
  3. Ummm, I guess I try to stay away from TPF when Im on a ban-- seriously. You will lust for more seeing updates here :P
  4. I would suggest focus on a new item, very expensive one and try to afford for it, you will get the money and in 6 months you can buy whatever you want.

    Also buy something where you can put coins and money and that it will be difficult to open hehe
  5. I can totally relate. i am a serious ban and of course there are so many great deals out there on pre-loved LV's... But I just keep thinking there will be great deals when I am ready to buy again.
  6. Stay away from TPF for a month. See how that goes.
    Andddd, get someone close to you to control you. I always get my mother. (Although I've never been on a strictly-LV ban. I'm usually banned from EVERYTHING except for basics, etc.)
  7. I have no idea. After the Grafitti NF comes out, I'm on a ban. Actually, I'm on a ban now except for the items I'm picking up this week, Grafitti NF & Grafitti zippy wallet.

    Seriously, not allowed to buy any more LV this year. I really hope nothing TDF comes out before then.

    Maybe we should start a support group!!
  8. ^wicked - thanks!!
  9. I would try to stay away from TPF. ;) But that is just impossible. :sweatdrop:
  10. thanks everyone! BagAngel I went to the BBB club thread! Heck I didnt even know that whole playground section existed! wheew.....
  11. I totally agree!:yes:
  12. Great attitude:tup: I'm also on a ban from my last purchase which was Oct. '08. My attitude is the bag I want will always be around, it's a black epi alma w/ gold hw, it's available on ebay all the time and that helps. Just tell yourself that another one will come around, and trust me it will. The other thing is know yourself, if looking at bags on this forum, other forums, ebay or websites whetts your appetite for buying new bags then you just gotta quit looking and put your mind elsewhere. For me it satiates me when I can't buy, I live vicariously through others purchases. I like the eye candy.

    One more pointer is to try to enjoy the bags you already have. If you have enough variety already, switch it up and spread the love so you experience different bags and appreciate them. Or on the flip side put one or two in a dustbag and then you take them out and it's like getting a new bag again. I do this with my azur speedy and damier ebene speedy, I alternate wearing them in warm weather and cold weather seasons and put them away in the dustbag so that I don't even see the bag, it's like a new bag to experience when the season arrives.

    GL, you're not alone, there are plenty of us on a spending ban right now. :hugs:
  13. I've only been on a ban twice, the first time was when I bought my apartment in 2005. I had lots of expenses and I really wanted new appliances and some new furniture and had to choose between that and buying LV. The ban lasted for about a year, the invite to the opening of LV Oslo "forced" me to buy a new bag (nice excuse, huh? :graucho:) and the ban was lifted.
    I put myself back on a ban after a while, to pay off my CCs. Fortunately LV didn't come out with anything that really tempted me during that time, but if something like the Roses line had come out I think it would have been hard.

    To avoid temptation I stayed away from TPF and other websites that might have tempted me as much as possible and that helped too.

    I'm going on a ban again after my Graffiti purchase tomorrow, I haven't set a timeframe, but I have spent waaaay to much $$$ @ LV lately.
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    Last edited: Feb 1, 2009
    I am putting myself on a ban after tomorrow. A long ban!! I plan on avoiding any of the threads introducing new lines, new LEs, etc. I also have stopped going to LV in person - my graffitti purchase is being shipped.

    The key is if I don't know about the new stuff, then my ban will be easy. The hard part is not peeking here or in the botique at the new stuff.

    Plus I have cheaper obsessions like MAC cosmetics that I can give in to now & then to get my shopping fix - a MAC LE lipglass is $14.