Those with a city and a box: Is the box a good style, which do you prefer?

  1. I have a cornflower city and have been looking to expand my collection.
    I was wondering how do you find the box style? Is it the same slouchy, great size, versatility as the city, or is it as small as the first?
    Do you think i could get used to the box when i just have a city?
    Thank you everyone xx
  2. It is closer in size to the first but because it is wider, it has pretty good capacity but if you don't have much in it, it gets slouchy. Personally, I prefer the city. Not to offend anyone with the box but it reminds me of a radio. Also, I assume you know the box style has been discontinued. Although you might find an odd one floating around a store, you are most likely going to have to buy one from eBay or a consignment store.
  3. Thanks for asking (and answering) this. I've been contemplating the Box as well, so the information is really useful. Most of my non bbags are smaller but fatter, so I'm still contemplating if it might work well for me. I wish it weren't discontinued so it would be easier to take a look at one in person!
  4. It's very roomy.. :heart: the Box! Wish they weren't d/c. Here's my 06' Lilac and 06 Cornflower.
    IMG_0631.JPG IMG_0633.JPG IMG_0634.JPG
  5. ^ Thank you for the pics! Do you prefer the box to the city, can you put the box over your shoulder? xx
  6. You're welcome;) Yes, the strap is longer than the one's on the City and First.. Fits over the shoulder perfectly although I carry mine mostly by the handles on the crook of my arm. I love them both!!! but if I had to choose I prefer the City more. Mostly because of the style.
  7. I really like the box too and I find it a lot lighter than the city. (but I'm sure that depends on the leather also...) I personally think it's a perfect size for everyday use, and it's easy to find things in there since it's not as deep as the city. :tup:
  8. I have five box style bags so you can tell I love the style. Its not too small nor too large. I've had a first, and it has more capacity than the first. I've also had a city, and I'm in the minority but I sold it straight away, it wasn't for me.