those with 2004 maroon...

  1. Hi everyone! LONG TIME NO WRITE. I've been in hiding for about a year now! First, wanted to say hi to everyone i know on this forum.

    the other day, i took out my 2004 maroon to use (since the weather is slightly colder and i'm starting to wear more fall colors). i noticed that the leather had a strong, perfumy smell. I noticed that smell before when I first got it, but I guess it's been in the dust bag for a few months so the smell was much more concentrated than usual. I've heard from an acquiantance that all the 2004 maroon leather have a perfumy smell to it...just wondering for those with this color, have you noticed this?

    Thank you! Hope all of you are doing well!:heart:
  2. didi hi!!!! I knew I recognized your name. Where have you been hiding? lol

    It's funny you mention this......I bought a used marron on eBay and I have never used because of THIS issue. When I bought it, it was a weird time where I was busy didn't really inspect it, time went by.... I took it out of the bag and it stunk! BUT, to me the smell is like a BBQ or a fireplace....a wood burning smell. LOL!!! Weird huh...... I chalked it up to the previous owner lived in an adobe home I believe in Santa Fe and invisioned many beautiful but smelly fires in the fireplace. Maybe..right? This is my imagination working as that is the smell I'm smelling. LOL! I basically wrote it off as my fault, my mistake, whatever and put it in it's own bag with a bounce dryer sheet. That did help, but the smell is still there. I don't see it ever going away...(:

    So, that's my story. I'm curious to hear what you reply.......Is that the smell or did I just end up with a bag that smells like it lived in a bonfire? hahaha.....:nuts:
  3. ^^ ACK, OMG, didi, welcome back girl!!! :yahoo::woohoo::heart:

    p.s. wish i still had my '04 marron so i could help!!!
  4. how weird - i bought a used 04 First maroon and it just smells like a Bal bag... i think leather bags in general tend to pick up certain strong smells and trap them in the skin or pores of the bag. try sticking it in it's dustbag with a dryer sheet. i have also heard that charcoal sheets, like what they sell to put on top of a cat box, can work to help eliminate smell. you can prob pick them up at a pet store.

    good luck de-smelling your bag! it's such a gorgy color to leave it tucked away!
  5. Hi didi! I don't have a maroon bag but just wanted to say hello!!!:heart:
  6. hi everyone! hi zacorey...long time! hi aaa! hi bella!

    ok, i think i'll try to "air" it out, but the strong is like in the leather itself. it's a mystery.
  7. I have an 04 Marron and no weird smells here. I had the weird perfumey smell with another Bbag but wrapping it in used dryer sheets for a few days took care of the problem.
  8. my marron twiggy had a musky smell to it, a friend of mine had the same smell to hers
  9. Yep, well, I guess mine used to live in a barbeque.... I really screwed up on that one. lol
  10. No marron input, but hi didi!!! :flowers: good to see you!
  11. I bought and returned two brand new Siennas - they both had the same strange smell ... Completely different than my black and violets
  12. the "smell" is so mysterious! Hi TTucker!
  13. Huh. I'v never noticed that with mine. I've had 2 twiggies and 2 cities (searching for the *right* one ya know) and never noticed.
  14. Nope -the leather on my '04 marron bag is the nicest I have.
  15. welcome back didi :flowers: