Those whole presaled from Nordstrom

  1. Have you gotten your items yet? What method of shipment did they use?

    I am still impatiently waiting for my YSL Muse to arrive:confused1:
  2. I just got my Muse today from DHL. I got mine from the Seattle store and I'm in California
  3. OMG!!! they have a YSL muse for sale!!!

    Are there anymore left?!?!:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  4. You can call around. I may be returning mine cuz it looks like it went through the ringer.
  5. I got mine yesterday too - from MN. Fedex - 2nd day air.
  6. Funny you should mention that. I presaled a Chloe and it shipped to CA from Oregon and it looks pretty worn and missing the key also. :tdown: It is going back tomorrow.
  7. dhl left it at my front door and now it's missing!!! i'm so upset!
  8. DHL. Got mine two days ago. Lots of scratches on it and I'm afraid it has to go back. The quality of these sale items is disappointing. THey're just thrown around on the sale tables and mishandled.
  9. I still havent gotten mine. I called Nordstrom and they said 5-10 business days. :sad:
  10. Mine also arrived 2nd day air. I did think the packaging was rather haphazard - it looked as if the bag was tossed into its sleeper bag without much attention and then thrown into the box with no bubble wrap, so it must have been bouncing around in shipment. The bag is alright, just not what I thought I would see when I opened the box.
  11. Mine was like too. I was afraid to open it. This is one reason why I don't like to buy stuff from the stores. You don't know what you are going to get. My muse was fine but I still debating about the Chloe bay I got.
  12. Can you return it at any Nordstrom store or do you have to ship it back?
  13. Mine came from Seattle to California, via DHL. It was packed nicely. =)
  14. Mine came within 3-4 days from Seattle to CA.

    My bag is in quite good condition because I got it before the sale and had to do a price adjustment, although the game me the wrong dust bag so it's once size too small. :sad:
  15. Yup you can return it to any Nordstrom store