Those who tried on/have Zoe & Carly.

Zoe vs. Carly.

  • Zoe is definitely my pick!

  • Carly is and always will be my favorite!

  • They are about the same in my book. :)

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Aug 4, 2007
What is your opinion on which one is the better? Comfort/looks/style/'ease of use'/etc.. ^^;

In my opinion.. I think the Zoe is a bit better than the Carly. As the Zoe doesn't have the movable strap like the Carly, so it doesn't slip around. The Zoe is a bit structured more so it's not as "smooshy" as Carly so it's easier for me to get things in and out of.. ^^;

What is everyone else's opinion? :smile:


Jul 9, 2007
I like the Zoe better - the strap seems to fit on my shoulder better and I like the styling on it too - I only tried on the leather ones though.


Sep 15, 2007
WOW, this is a tough one. Overall, I was always a Carly fan in terms of style. I just never bought one till recently, and I bought a large leather at the outlet. I LOVE it, and I have no problems with the strap slipping (even though I have narrow shoulders). I really don't like the medium size at all, though, and that includes the Zoe.

I've really become a fan of Zoe, though! I think I prefer the way this bag slouches and lays on the shoulder. I think it looks a bit nicer overall, and I think it's a friendly style for everyone! However, that said, I do not like the signature versions of this bag AT ALL... The Carly sig I actually like, but for some reason I can't stand the sig Zoes. I'm not sure why, but that's my own personal taste.

So, if I were buying leather, right now the chocolate Zoe really has my attention. I LOVE the leather on that bag, and it looks fab on. I also like the bronze, but I have seen a display bag with wear issues where it was sitting on the shelf, so I know that smooth metallic is not going to last long.

For sig, I would definitely purchase a Carly, I almost did get the turq. trimmed sig bag at the outlet last time, but I always end up purchasing leather.

As for getting stuff in and out, I'm not sure I notice much of a difference between the bags. In general, I admit I find zippered hobos annoying, and "black holes" at times. But I am comfortable with both the large Zoe and Carly. It's a really tough decision, but side by side, I would probably choose a leather Zoe at this point..just because it's new and I don't have one yet!


May 14, 2008
The Sunshine State
I have a medium black Carly leather. I love her! I have no issue with the strap slipping and I have really small shoulders.

I looked at the Zoes that had just come in when I used my PCE to buy Carly last week, and they just didn't look as well made. I do agree with Baglady that the chocolate leather is dreamy.

I wonder how many people really would pick Zoe over Carly if not for the novelty factor with Zoe being the new girl.

I like the Zoe and am still considering either the red patent or the brown leather, but I think the bag still looks a little blah compared to Carly.
Feb 20, 2008
I have the both styles (in leather) and I have to say that the Zoe has a slight edge over the Carly. I agree with Suzzeee that the strap is a bit more comfortable and to me, the rounded edges give the bag a softer look.
Jan 2, 2008
IMHO, I have them both and I love them both! I think they both are really comfortable on the shoulder and are just great everyday bags! I'm glad I have both styles!


Jan 31, 2008
As a proud owner of both bags in the large black leather, I would have to say that I find the zoe alittle bit better than carly. As inspiredgem said, the rounded edges give it a softer look and its not as big as the carly. Its also easier to get into because its not as tall. I love the new hardware on the zoe compared to the carly. IMO the zoe has an edge over the carly.


Mar 4, 2008
Somewhere too cold!
I am so in love with my Zoe. I have the denim sig. in the Zoe and it is my favorite bag. I use to have the Carly but with all the issues with the fraying and such, I sold her. I love that on the Zoe the bottom is curved and it actually feels roomier to me. I get complaints on it where ever I go. And also I love the color of the interior of the Zoe.

I too normally don't care for zipper hobos but with this one the zipper doesn't get in the way at all. I normally don't zip it up but it is nice to have that option now.



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Nov 18, 2007
Carly has more style! the only thing I like more about Zoe is the zippered pockets on both sides.


Smiling :)
Aug 2, 2006
I have had both and while I have always loved the Carly, Zoe gets my vote. :tup: I like Zoe because I think they took the Carly and made it better.. I love that it won't fray at the top, I like the rounded edges (looks and fraying) and I love that it still slouches, is a nice sized bag but to me is MUCH more manageable than the Carly.. also the strap is better. :okay:

J. Fisk

Aug 20, 2007
I like the strap on the Zoe better. I like its roundness and its lining. I like the hardware on the Carly better, but I like the Zoe's a lot too. This is also a small thing, but I prefer the zipper pull on the Carly better; it's a loop of leather as opposed to the Zoe's, like, strands of leather hanging around. I like that the Zoe won't fray. And I like the leather Zoe better than the leather Carly because it looks less plain than the Carly. I just hope the Zoe, in time, will come out in more colors.

I didn't think that I was going to like the Zoe as much as I do. It's not just because it's "the new girl" it's because the Zoe is just overall superior, it would seem. :yes:


Oct 24, 2006
I like the Carly because she sits up by her self- The Zoe looks plain and cheaper to me, I never had a problem with slippage or fraying with my carly! I love the Carly slouch also.


May 15, 2008
I have the black sig large carly and on Saturday got the large sig zoe. At lunch today I sent the zoe back as the shoulder strap just felt a bit shorter than the carly and I was afraid that would bug me. I really like carly and I do like the zoe I just thought for $400 I ought to do a little more than just like it;)