Those who stuff their feet into CLs...

  1. Has anyone else seen this?

    About half the time I see CLs on someone else's feet, they look terrible. It's like these women just were desperate to have the lovely red-soled shoes and at any cost were determined to stuff their feet in! Flesh spilling out the sides of CLs will ruin even the lovelist pair...
  2. I've seen that.

    but then not everyone is blessed with pretty feet, so if they want to wear CL's, they should be allowed to! Every woman deserves to wear pretty shoes.
  3. I have not seen this occur in person, but at, there are pictures of Kristin Cavallari (from Laguna Beach), spilling out of her Metallic Night Cage Zeppas... :sick:

    You'd think she might have someone (like a friend or somthing) tell her to go with another style?
    christian_louboutin_gold_sandals_kristin_cavallari_s.jpg christian_louboutin_gold_sandals_kristin_cavallari.jpg christian_louboutin_sandals_kristin_cavallari_s.jpg christian_louboutin_sandals_kristin_cavallari_3.jpg christian_louboutin_slingback_sandals_kristin_cavallari_2.jpg
  4. OMG, those are horrendous on her ! Especially the toe spillage, it can't be comfortable at all !

    I've got a coworker that has very, very large feet and she loves her CLs, so she stuffs because it's her only choice.. personally, I'd rather just pick a different brand but I guess it's her choice in the shoe stuffing, however uncomfortable and unattractive it is.
  5. Not all of us have petite or narrow feet - I look terrible in certain styles, so I wear what flatters my feet best and sadly have to give up the hope of wearing many styles as I dont feel comfortable in the way I look in them.
  6. It's so funny your avatar right now (of a hamster stuffing a carrot in his mouth), coupled with the topic of this thread... :roflmfao:
  7. I am sorry, but that is just WRONG!!! That is like being 200 lbs and wearing a bikini. There are somethings that just should not be done.

    I have a size 9 foot with long bony toes, so all CL styles do not look good on my foot. I just received the Rolando and the Declic from online orders and the low front toe cleavage looks a little funny, so unfortunately they will go back unless the next size up (40.5) works.

    Wear what looks GOOD on you and FLATTERS you, not what is simply "in style". It's not a fab CL if it makes your foot look funny! People WILL talk. :yes:
  8. OUCH! That does not look comfy at all! :push:
  9. I've never tried on a pair of CL' they run really narrow?
  10. Wow that does look horrible, and while I haven't seen it with CLs I have noticed it with other brands. I guess to each their own, but it can't be comfortable! I'm with Lynn on this one. Every style is just not going to look good on everyone. So while I've definately tried shoes that didn't work on me, I've only purchased the ones I felt made my feet and everything else beautiful... I only wish everyone else shared the same philosophy!
  11. I agree with you Lynn. Wear what looks good on your feet. I'm sure anyone can find a pair that looks good on their feet.
  12. I wear what fits me, I have a wider toe box so some styles dont look good so i dont wear them. Those pics with kristin cavallari are horrific, that has to be soooooo painful. Anyhoo, whatever makes people happy, i dont care what they do, if someone wants to spend their money and it makes them feel good to wear the shoes, good for them. Personally I dont like stuffing anything into anything, IMO, anything that is too tight is unattractive
  13. OMG, Kristin's feet look horrible in that shoe!

    My feet looked pretty tight in my nude patent yoyos, even though there was room in the heel. Arghhhh.
  14. If youre shoes look that bad I am sorry, then it's not the right pair for you. They do not fit her, at all.
  15. Ohhhhhh dear those pictures make me :sick: