those who own the Saleya PM...

  1. Those who own the Saleya PM do you love it and are there any transfer problems with the lining? Also do you consider it a medium size bag? thanxs
  2. I absolutely love it. It's red alcantara inside, so, no color transfer at all. And it holds a LOT, while not looking too big, so definitely medium.
  3. thank looks like a nice size bag for everyday but, not too overpowering...does it work well both casual and dressy? alcantara lining is that like a micro fiber????may put this bag on my x-mas list...not sure if my partner will want to get it but, may mention LV bag or accessoires would make for a nice x-mas gift...
  4. I have it. I like it a lot more than I thought I would. Like Jane said it is a great size. Roomy without being too big. Perfect for everyday. And I like the fact that I can wear on my shoulder if my arms or hands need a rest. It is a great choice. So far problems with color tranfers and I don't anticipate any since it is microfiber. hth
  5. I have this one also. I have no color transfer problems and I do have a white cover for my ipod which I keep in there. I really love this bag! It looks great with so many things. I can fit alot in there and can either use it as a hand held bag or on my shoulder. (without a winter coat, though)
  6. I tried it on in the store and put it on my list! It's a great size (a little smaller than a BH)....and it's nice because the handles are of the size that it can be a handheld bag or a shoulder bag.
  7. I love it. I consider it a great everyday bag. It holds a lot more than you would think. It is more casual than dressy, in my opinion. No color transfer issues at all with the beautiful red lining. I have even been bringing it to my construction site recently -- the Damier is so indestructible! My Saleya PM was my very first LV so it has a special place in my heart!
  8. Ditto! I've carried mine with a t-shirt and jeans and with an interview suit. I LOVE this bag!! :heart:
  9. I love it and can't say enough good things about it. :love:
  10. I just got mine and I just :heart: :heart: :heart: it! It looks great handheld and can be worn over your shoulder. It's perfect for cold, rainy & snow. The lining is a beautiful color red microfiber, very soft and the color will not transfer at all! It's a no worry, everyday bag. It's not too big, nor too small, it's a perfect size and holds a lot. You should try it on if you can! :flowers:
  11. I love that bag, although I want the GM:smile:
  12. It's cute but I prefer the MM or GM!
  13. I tried the Saleya PM in store the style, but not so crazy about the "hard" bottom....:blink: