Those who own the panda cles.....

  1. what do you use it for?

    They are cute and I'd like one but I'm wondering if its main use is supposed to be for a key chain or as a charm to hang off your bag.

    I can't think of any of my bags that would look good with one. :shrugs:

    TIA for the input
  2. I always use it as a bag charm. I think some people use them in place of the bolt keyring/pochette extender but I don't really like it that way.
  3. I had one, and I hung it off my LVs as a cute charm. Just something to give a different look to my bags :smile:
  4. i hang mine off of my antigua cabas:

  5. i thought it was a coin purse? it doesn't hold anything?!
  6. I hang it off my denim speedy, my friend uses his as a key holder.
  7. No it's just a piece of leather with a cute Panda imprinted on it. Definitely not a coin purse...but I wish though :nuts:
  8. I always love double mileage for my I use mine as a key chain, bag charm and sometimes as an extender for my pochette. Oops, that's triple the mileage :smile:
  9. coin purse? there is no actual bag section.
    i like it as a charm.. i think it looks great!
  10. There actually is one that's a coin's round with the panda on it, similar to the pochette. That one is the Porte Monnaie Round and this one being asked about in the thread is the Porte Cles :yes:

  11. Oh good idea. Do you have pics for how it looks as a pochette extender? I would love to see
  12. I used to use it as a key chain, but don't use it anymore. It got dirty super fast.

    When I get the Bosphore GM, I will let it hang off of the outside D-Ring. :biggrin:
  13. Anyone else have pics?
  14. There is the panda rond, too...that's what you're thinking of...I will take a pic in awhile.
  15. I'll take mine outta the box and take a pic of it on my keys...

    I wish I had my Abbesses with me so I could take a pic of Nick with it!!! :sad: