Those who own the leather gauffre bags, pls tell me

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  1. (visiting from the Chanel board, but loving the gauffre bags) How does the leather wear on this bag? The one I want doesn't have "feet" so am curious how careful one must be with this bag. Thanks so much!
  2. I have mine for about a month. Black! I think the leather holds up great - so far. But I won't wear mine in the rain, never set it on the floor, etc...
  3. Thanks Minette! I usually don't put my bags on the floor either, though I do toss them onto the passenger seat in my car (and I really do mean "toss"). I don't like when the bottom corner areas of my bags show wear. Speaking of the rain, I saw a black patent gauffre, but it looked like a rain slicker! :roflmfao:
  4. I have been using my black leather Gauffre for about four months now. I put it on the floor, squeeze in the subway, use it in the rain etc... I am a bad owner I guess. but the leather still looks great and feels soft.
  5. I abuse my Prada bags too. The ones I have are a few years old now, but they seem to really have held up.

    The Gauffre appeals to me because of the rouching. I think that will hide a lot of abuse, as opposed to a plain, smooth surface, such as the Chanel Soft & Chain (Jill has that one)... how can a scratch not show up on such a pristine surface? The Gauffre won't show as much... the brown leather already has darker areas included in the design of the bag. How thoughtful. ;)
  6. all my gauffres are in PERFECt condition.They r awesome
  7. Jayne, you sound *convinced.* :smile:
    Is it... too early to remind you to post pics!? :P
  8. ^^ Will do! :yes: