Those who own the CHELSEA...what's the good and the bad?


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
Somewhere shopping
I'd like to hear from anyone who owns this bag what they think of it and what the good and bad is?

Also any pics that anyone has modeling this bag would be great

TIA. :smile:


Mar 18, 2006
New Orleans, LA
You don't give people a lot of time to answer! Be patient :smile:

I own the Chelsea.

Pros: Large tote that fits a lot w/o looking like you're carrying luggage. Zip top for extra security, esp. when travelling. Fits under the airplane seat in front of you PERFECTLY (this is a superb travel bag). Perfect, maintanance-free Damier. Classic shape and style. Adjustable shoulder straps. Comfortable and easy to carry.

Cons: only one small side zip pocket (but I solved this by making the small zip pocket my cell phone pocket, and adding a Navona pochette to carry my other small items that i would normally put in a pocket.) Square-ish shape is thought to be kind of plain and utilitarian by some folks (but I prefer to think of it as simply classic). :smile:

Hope this helps!