Those who own lambskin classic flaps......

  1. Exactly how sensitive is the lambskin? I kow it is not as durable to bumping around as caviar....but is it really hard to take care of?

    Will it age and show wear faster than a caviar?

  2. In my own opinion. yes. because it gets strached easily than the caviar.
  3. I don't own a classic flap in lambskin, but I do own the classic tote in lamb. I bought this to be a dressy bag. I know if I use it everyday, I'll scratch it up.....and I'm very careful with my bags!!!!
  4. IMO, the lambskin is super fragile, it scratches very easily.
  5. So would you NOT recommed a lambskin flap to a gal lke me who loves the durable caviar??

    I'm not rough on my bag all all....I'm, always quite careful

    But i would not want to be so carelful w/ a lambskin to where it would become annoying. KWIM
  6. Lambskin is bordering on annoyingly fragile, in my opinion. If you are anal about your bags, lambskin is not for you. The interior leather is most prone to being scratched up by just about anything: edges on a wallet, cap of your lipstick, etc. Just forget about ever carrying keys if you want to use this purse.

    The exterior is pretty fragile, but because mine is black, it still looks very decent. It does get dull with age, but I think some girls here have had success with leather moisturizers to renew the look of the lambskin.

    I have a black lambskin classic flap and while I love it, it can be annoying to take care of. I'm someone who minds having to watch where she puts her bags, how she treats it because life is just too short for me to worry about stuff like that! I just want to use and enjoy the bag. I don't think I would buy another classic flap in lambskin. Caviar, yes.

  7. ^^thanks!! that helped me SOOO much. Exactly what I wanted to know.

    i was drawn to the lambskin because of the smooth finish but not willing to deal with the annoying factor.
    I don't want to overly baby anything.

    I'll stick w. my ROCK solid, durable caviar!!!:biguns:

  8. If you have a lot of handbags, I'd recommend a lambskin flap. Its not like you're going to use it every day. It will be just one in the rotation, plus, as a true handbag lover, Im sure you aren't truly rough on your bags anyway. I have a few lambskin bags and they are not that fragile.

  9. ^^That's what one would "think". LOL. But ever since i got my black caviar jumbo I cannot put it down. I ABSOLUTELY love it.:nuts:

    I try to put it away and use something else but i just go right back to it a few days later. And it still looks as new as the day i bought it. :okay: So durable

    its b-cuz of my love for my black jumbo that I'm going crazy over all the colors and not wanting a reissue

    Is the leather more durable on the reissue than the lambskin?
  10. Were you asking about the lambskin classics or the reissues? The reissues I'd consider pretty durable, much more than the lambskin. They are made of calfskin. Lambskin classic is not really for every day in my opinion. Just for special occasions or every now and then. They defintiely look dressier and more luxe. I love my black jumbo too. I have been using my white jumbo lately. It still looks new too!
  11. I agree - lambskin is not for everyday. It gets scratched really easily and is impractical for everyday use. I had a lambskin tote that would get scratched when I accidently brush my charm bracelet across it as I pick up the bag.
    I don't like being supercareful with bags because when I'm out I would rather enjoy the moment than worry about the bag getting potentially damaged. I have a black caviar - and I love it! It still looks superclassy (although I personally think lambskin is more beautiful) - and I still get lots of compliments on it. Caviar is so durable, it still looks new with standard/minimal care. Good luck!
  12. I have to say that I absolutely ADORE my jumbo flap. Had I gotten it in lambskin, it probably would be carried more often than it "should".

    If you have any doubts, I'd personally go with caviar if you plan to use it a lot. I love the look of the lambskin a lot more but I wouldn't be happy if it got messed up.

    I'll get a clutch in lambskin however b/c I know it won't be used daily.
  13. i have to say though that my mom has 2 caviar jumbos and she's very hard on her bags and the corners have worn just like they would on a lambskin bag. plus her new red one got very dirty. she brought it to chanel today and they said that they couldn't really clean it- they would probably redye it. which she is not sure she wants to do (it's only like a month or so old!).

    i'm wondering- do you think that the lambskin wears better in certain colors or all about the same?
  14. Today I just picked up my first lambskin Chanel - the red Madison....this thread is good reading.

    I have a number of bags in the caviar and one this is a new experience owning one made of the lambskin.

    I shall be very careful with it....:sweatdrop:
  15. i think the lambskin wears differently on different colors. my white lambskin is extremely hard maintenance so i only use it on special occasions. i currently just got a vintage black jumbo and noticed that although it is from the 90s, it is still in extremely good condition and not as easily to scratch as the white one..