those who own items from the mini lin line...

  1. how well has your bags held up? thinking about the mini lin speedy in dune but the white handles kinda scares me and i have heard stories about the fabric snagging etc? would like to hear more about this line, thank you!
  2. I don't have one, but it scares me too. I don't like the dark mini lin (too dark) - but the light one scares me not only for the handles, but for the actual color of the fabric. It's linen and all it would take is one stain (one soda or coffee slightly spilled) to totally ruin it. I just have to look at my linen jackets, how often they've been dry cleaned to know this one isn't for me - couldn't even dry clean it due to the leather.

    Not as worried about the snag factor as I am the color. However, they do have the normal imperfections that plague all linen fabric (little pills and snags - like on your jackets) - and I think that would be more noticeable in the light color.

    I think for a linen bag, I would pick something much less pricey than LV - not such heart break if something spills or you set it on something you didn't notice. Just the knowledge there would be no way to wipe off a small spill, . . . too terrifying. Don't think babywipes would work on those handles very well either.
  3. Mini lin was designed to be more durable and stain resistant than its sister bag the Mono lin. I'd had no problems with this bag regarding pilling or snagging. It was pretty dirt resistant too and would have remain so if I had been more careful in wiping the bag down each time it was used. I recently got black grease and ink on the fabric. Thank goodness I was able to remove completely now it needs to dry. Then I will retreat it with Apple Guarde water repellent. I'm also debating which Mini lin bags to buy very soon.
  4. Can anyone also comment on mini lin in the rain ? Do you take any special percaution, or have you ever been caught out with it ?
  5. ^ i think it is treated fabric...?
  6. I have the ebene mini lin, so I can't speak out for the dune color, but I wore my bag outside when there was wet blowing snow and the material got damp but didn't seem to really soak it all in. When I made it inside to a washroom, my hair, face, and clothes were very wet but the bag was hardly damp and dried very quickly. I was walking outside for a good 10 minutes or more in the snow.
  7. ^ That's good to hear. I know it's treated fabric, but the fact that it's not coated still kind of gives me the heebie jeebies.
  8. wow, charleston-mom, i didn't even think about if i spilled something on my bag. i was simply blinded by how gorgeous the bag is :yes: but i guess ya're right. my heart would be absolutely torn if something happened to my bag! even though i'm pretty careful when it comes to my bags, accidents do happen!
  9. I have the Speedy in Ebene. It's a great bag, I do have a few little pulls in the thread, but it's hardly noticeable!
  10. I saw the dune mini lin IRL and I worried the fabric will become fuzzing after using for a while. (the bag I saw was a bit like that)
  11. I have the ebene speedy and I hate it...I never use it because it doesnt go with very much and it sags....alot! Please Please Please dont waste you money
  12. I've been carrying my mini line for the past few days..I am loving it. It's been resting in the closet for months.

    I think this bag is very durable, saggier that my other speedy but I find this bag very classy, classier than my mono speedy..
  13. I have been out of the bag loop lately and just discovered the mini lin speedy in dune - and fell in love! does it come in the 25 or 30? (or both?) is it much more expensive than the mono speedy? (i have both a 25 and 30 in mono)

    I don't really have a bag in that color, and I'm thinking about selling my bedford for a mini lun dune speedy. are they very hard to come by or could i just go into a boutique and check them out?
  14. ^I think there are a lot of mini lin speedy in dune on eluxury and it's only in 30 for now. (if you live in USA, you won't have a problem to find one)
  15. i have the mini lin speedy in the darker color, ive used it everyday, snow, rain, sun, (i know, the weather here is NUTS this time of the year), and its doing A-okay! im very satisfied with it, and im very relaxed with it because it doesnt stain easily. i LOVE my mini lin!! :love: :love: :love: