Those who own/hands on a BOETIE WALLET - please HELP !!

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  1. I have finally decided to purchase my first LV item - the boetie wallet - but I won't be able to drive 3 hrs to downtown's LV store in anytime soon (not until next month at least .....) so I planning to buy it online.

    Problem is, the website doesn't show the back of the wallet's design. Despite how much i love this wallet I'm just hoping to get to know this missing link so there will be no surprise when I receive the item !

    I try google it and I found several version...For those who own / seen it before could you please verify if the following design belongs to a Boetie wallet please?
  2. It looks like the back of my Boetie...I bought it online.
  3. Thanks Chessmont! I saw different versions on google image i got so confused....other ones look too ugly so i believed this is what it should look like too...thanks for verifying though! :biggrin:
  4. If you are buying it from LV online, you will have no worries.