Those who missed out on much would you pay on ebay for a pap/speedy?

I think double whatever the original buyer paid is reasonable.I saw a pap on e-Bay this morning with a BIN of $3,299.00 :wtf: .The Paps are cute but they can't hold a candle to the Speedy based on the overall look.
"Reasonable" depends on the buyer. I know there has been a lot of talk about how overpriced the Miroirs on eBay are, but if there are buyers willing to pay that much for a hard to get item, then the price isn't too much. For some buyers it's like buying art...someone who collects handbags, or more specifically, collects rare LV handbags, paying double or more than double is probably not even something they bother to think about it...they may want the item no matter what the cost. I have seen a handful of beads, made by a peer of mine, sell for over $5000 on eBay -- if someone will pay that much money for beads to make into a necklace then surely they'll pay $3500 for a rare handbag.
IMO $100 - $300 added on to the purchase price is reasonable. I dont see why someone should make double or more on a bag that has only been out a few days. I think making $100 - $300 is enough.
i wouldn't pay that much more for them... i would wait for the hype to die down, and see if there will be any used ones showing up on ebay in the future.

for a new one, i would probably pay no more than $600 for one, if i really wanted it that badly and couldn't get it at the boutique.
$0. OK, that's not really true. If someone offered me one at an absurdly cheap price (like $50) I would probably take it. LOL.

They are very cute on all you ladies, but too flashy for me, and I wouldn't get enough use out of it to make it worth much to me.

It's the classic LVs (Damier canvas, Mono canvas, Epi) that really make me want to empty my wallet!

I'd pay $200 - 400 over retail for it. That figure would change if it was something else that I really, really wanted. I like the gold pap well enough in the pics, but just not enough to hunt it down.
If you don't LV or some miroir pieces left in your country ebay is the last chance. Don't forget that some sellers lives with ebay. It's a real job. I personally wouldn't buy it on ebay. I can't spend that much money but if I had the money I would as long as I get what I want :yes: