Those who love the GH - a question

  1. what is your lifestyle like? Do you go out a lot? Do you wear basic clothes? I love soooo many pictures of the GH and it looks amazing on so many bags, but I just couldn't make the GH/aqua combo work. I'm wondering if my lifestyle just doesn't work with it? TIA
  2. I have 3 GH Bags and I own my own business and am a stay at home mom to 8 year old.

    My life is all over the place...dates with hubby, jewelry shows at night sometimes, volunteer at son's school, lunching with friends....all over the place.

    I have found that the GH makes you look fabulous no matter what you are wearing.

    I went to a nice fundraiser and wore a dress that was velvet on top with a fitted A line skirt. I took my black city GH and it looks beautiful. I have also carried that bag with jeans, a sweater and flat riding boots.

    Today I wore basic jeans, a white tshirt and flats. I carried my Vert Gazon Day GH and it looked fabulous. I got a ton of compliments on my outfit today....because of the handbag.

    I think GH just makes what you are wearing look a little nicer than a regular Bbag.

    I think it is just the difference between looking great and looking fabulous.

    Don't get me wrong I love my regular BBags too but the GH are just very special.
  3. Jewelqueen - which ones do you have besides the Black City?
  4. i'm a veterinarian...that doesn't go out a whole lot...basically a jeans and t shirt kind of girl...i love the gh b/c it makes the outfit!
  5. Working mom of two preschool aged kids. Date nights with hubby twice a month (if we're lucky!). I get Fridays off so I plan to take my GH bag out mostly on those days. I'm your typical urban professional-slash-mother. I love city life and am not outdoorsy at all. I wear classic clothes with an updated twist, i.e. skinny jeans tucked into boots with a cardigan twin set. I also wear lots of basic black and neutrals like brown and cream. I often try for the layered look, which I think is very youthful and flattering when done right.

    I agree with the poster above: B-bags with GH *make* the outfit on their own, so I don't have to dress to impress.

    I'm receiving a Natural GH Brief in about a week or so and I can't wait!
  6. Black City
    Vert Gazon Day and
    Vermillion City

    I also have truffle twiggy and marine weekender and frankly I wish they had GH too but I need versatility in my collection and practicality.

  7. jewelqueen - I'd love to see pics of your VG GH day!
  8. I'm a pretty causal dresser, mostly jeans and tees and the occasional cutesy top. I have the white city GH and seriously I've never had MORE compliments on a bag (I've had tons of Chanels, LVs, and Chloes and no other bag catches people like this one). I love mine!
  9. I own a business, have two children, and own four (gulp) bbags w/gh and more with classic hardware. Two gh cities, one gh work, and a just-ordered hobo. I dress casually for the most part and just love the way the gh dresses up my outfits. Casual or dressy the gh seems to make my outfits! I find myself reaching for the gh more than the classic bags.
  10. For me, the GH marine city is not a dress up bag, but an everyday everywhere bag.

    That's why I chose the marine color so it'd look well with all of my casual outfits. Jeans, t-shirts, lots of whites, khakis, short dresses, mini skirts, capris, blouses...

    I take it shopping, to lunch, to meet friends/family, go to dog park, even to most of my casual to semi casual dinners.

    The only time I don't carry the bag is when I'm dressing up in a suit or a dress...
    or when I go to study, I carry my backpack
  11. Yes the GH is flashy but it does make the outfit. (adding to anmldr1 and gwen10) Don't worry about not being able to work it, you know you can.
  12. thanks for the tips guys. I'm back in the GH club! LOL
  13. What is your lifestyle like?? Do you stay home w/ kids or work??
  14. off topic, but you are selling your anthracite work???? SHe is so pretty. I have been drooling over her. If I didn't just buy fashion-cult's vif I would be buying your work. Post pics of your GH!
  15. I work outside the home.