Those Who Kill on A&E

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  1. Did anyone watch the series premier last night?? I really like Bates Motel on A&E so I had to check it out...and holy crap. It was disturbing and kind of hard to watch, but at the same time now I'm sucked in and need to keep watching...
  2. I did try to watch this as I usually like these kind of shows. I didn't like the lead female at all.....thought her acting was wooden. What's her name? Chloe? I promised won't watch again, and I was hoping I'd like it.
  3. Actress is Chloe Sevigny. Interesting you think she's a bad actress. She's quite a successful movie star. Maybe not a household name but still quite well known and, I think, considered to be a good actress.
  4. I caught this (or at least 30 minutes of it) last night while channel surfing. It sucked me in.
    I didn't understand the ending. Was her brother a serial killer? Was the older man in the photo the same person as her superior officer who was in the last scene with her?

  5. Yeah she's a good actress. Unfortunately she apparently got a bad rap for a movie she made (which I didn't watch) where she did a real x-rated scene.
  6. I tried the first episode and didn't get to finish it. I found the show too dark.
  7. If you have a chance you should watch the whole episode, especially if just a little of it sucked you in! The people in the photo were actually her brother and stepfather, her brother went missing when they were younger and has never been found, and she's convinced her stepfather is a serial killer. They haven't said why yet, but at the beginning of the episode she went to her parents house at night while they were sleeping (and took that photo out of a frame hanging in the hallway) and kept looking at a locked basement door as though something had happened there. I guess it's all the reason why she became a cop, and the reason she brought in that crazy forensic psychiatrist...

    I agree...I couldn't really tell if it was her acting tho, or the way the role was supposed to be played. There were definitely parts where it got kind of annoying...
  8. it was kind of disturbing
    I watched late at night and then had trouble sleeping......don't know if the show was the reason
  9. thanks for that explanation......maybe I can catch the beginning the episode.
    Suddenly there's a lot to watch after the olympics dominating for three weeks
  10. You all know that this series has been moved to Lifetime Movie Network as of last Sunday (3/30). I don't get LMN but....I downloaded the Lifetime app to my Kindle Fire and was able to watch the third episode and will continue with this series.

  11. Thanks so much for the info!! I thought they had just pulled it and would maybe consider showing it at a later time, that'd great to know I can watch it somewhere!