Those who have the vinyl cabas...

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  1. Have you noticed any wear and tear on your bag after using it for a while? I have used mine a few times and it feels like the vinyl chain straps and the bag itself have stretched?... I don't know if I am imagining this or what but I just wanted reviews of those who have used their bag regularly and how it withstands to daily use.
    I LOVE this bag and want it to last forever...I guess I can always get it refurbished if it starts to look real bad after a few years ;)
  2. no, it wont last forever....i'm quite slobby, and the bag looks quite worn...but mine does not look stretchy, it is scratchy....
  3. See, I take great care of my bags and am very careful with them...have you tried to take it to Chanel to send it in for a refurbishment?
  4. Mine is still in excellent condition. I love it!
  5. Me and my sister have this bag and they're both in great condition! We aren't very gentle with them either and they're still in like new condition! I love this bag because it is so durable!
  6. i use this bag all the time and its in grat condition, i think the vnyl has actually kept up quite well
  7. ^^ my thoughts exactly
  8. yay! Thanks for all your positive replies about this fab bag!!!