Those who have the redesign french purse>>

  1. Do you find it bulky if you put 8 CC in it? I like the style but afraid it will look stuffed and loose its slim shape. Also, does anyone have it in damier, I would love to see pictures. TIA
  2. I have bought 3 French Purses, two of them were the old style with 4 cc slots. My newest one is the vernis violette and I use 6 out of the 8 slots; I do not find it bulky at all and am so glad they finally added the extra slots to the purse!
  3. It's not bulky, I like it better now with the extra cc slots! I always thought that was a wasted space ... they should've made that side 5 slots too!

    OT: Now if they only made the French Purse as long as the pochette or PTI's! I'd go for that!