Those who have sold your Hermes...

  1. have you sold through consignment? E-bay?? Just curious as I'm thinking about maybe....and since I'm not a very experienced seller on e-bay (and what I'm selling I can't prove w/receipts), yet consignment you lose so much money...just wondering what others have done?
  2. Shoes.....I've sold thru eBay before but not Hermes items. It was painless and I think I was lucky that I didn't have any deadbeats. I just recently sold my Chanel Cerf Tote and LV Mono Alma through word of mouth.....and thank God because they needed to help fund the Caramel Kelly!
  3. shopmom,
    I personally would never sell my H thru ebay. Oh...wait a minute. I DID sell an hermes notepad and pencil that goes around yoru neck. dumb stupid purchase...and dumb stupid sale. cons. chanel, tod, lv, prada, etc and i practically gave them away but i needed $$$ for H. I know you all understand. . anyway, what do you want to sell, shopmom???
    I may be interested!!!!! Would you happen to have an indigo bolide?
    or perhaps a 30 birkin in chevre???
    i am dreaming right now!!!
  4. Tell me too!!! I'm in the's burning a HOLE in my pocket!!!!
  5. No, no....not me! :shocked: :shocked: Not yet anyway!!! I'm still looking for my Birkin and my Ostrich!!!!!:blink: :blink: :blink:
  6. DAMN - I thought I could get my hands on a caramel Kelly for a minute:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Shoes - what are you planning to sell - you can prob sell it through worrd of mouth, too!
  7. just a reminder that there's no selling, buying or trading on tPF or in PM
  8. shoes - if you're thinking about it - I would try to list it here. You lose $ through consignment.
  9. PLease don't sell your kelly unless if your SA has reserved for you a new birkin or kelly.
  10. The thing about selling H bags through eBay is that you have to be super-patient. Most buyers are wary about fakes and wanted a deal, so it's kind of a Catch-22. However, what I found out is that if someone wants it badly enough, they WILL buy it. With eBay, a lot of times it's about timing.:yes:

    Do NOT sell your item at a huge loss. Only sell at what you want to sell. Be detailed about your descriptions and show people that you have nothing to hide. One of the things I do when I sell namebrand bags is I will include a copy of my online statement showing the charges to my buyers. Sometimes I also offer to accompany them to the store if they live close to me. The thing is to show them you have nothing to hide, that you're absolutely honest, and that you're knowledgeable about what you're selling. Do not get frustrated if your item doesn't sell on the first around. It WILL eventually go to a good home!:flowers:
  11. Sandy, before I knew about Ebay I sold a couple of my H bags at a consignment store, and REALLY regreted it, they give you next to nothing...Then, last year, I sold a Bolide on Ebay, and that was fine, and I have sold most of my other bags (LV, Balenciaga, M.Jacobs...) on Ebay aswell, without any problems...I still have a few left to sell, and I'll put them up on Ebay after the summer... Although it's a bit of a pain Ebay, you have to post lots of pics, people ask you endless questions...but I think it's the way you loose less money....:flowers:
  12. Thank you all (and swanky I appreciate your reminder!) - I have done a little e-bay but am worried about a bigger ticket item, payment, and that sort of thing...I'm still thinking about it though!
  13. I've sold many of my chanel, LV and other items. I generally make sure that I have pictures of every side, any signs of use and detailed pictures of seams.
  14. You could consign it to a trading assistant on eBay. Many eBay sellers are trading assistants and they can sell on consignment for you. Maybe you can check out Hermes resellers on eBay and find one you think you can trust. I think most consigners charge a fee of 20-25% of selling price (before eBay fees).

    Although if I were you, I'd try to sell it on eBay myself first. Like someone above said, the key is patience. I learned that lesson hard, I practically gave away an Hermes bag on eBay once *sigh*:cry: .
  15. Hello!

    i have not personally sold any of my Hermes bags on ebay but have sold them through almost all of the re-sellers, including: createursdeluxe, hermes**, jemznjewels and luxwear. This is my experience:

    createursdeluxe: She offered me a price for my bags and the price was VERY low. I was desperate at the time so took it. I would not do this again.

    hermes**: She charges 1k for a leather bag and 2k for exotic bag to sell. This worked out good,the bags sold fast.

    jemznjewels: You negotiate a price with her and she posts it on her site. I found the price that the bag finally went for to be low. I could have stayed higher but it sat out there forever so I just wanted to sell.

    luxwear: She charges 20% of what she sells the bag for. You negotiate a price you feel comfortable selling it at.