Those who have sold their LVs before

  1. I'm downsizing my LV collection in order to make one large purchase.
    I'm letting go of my monogram mini Juliette, a Popincourt Haute, an Alma and my Mini Looping.

    I'm a little sad to part with these bags, but I'm now in a position where I don't use them nearly as much as I used to. I pretty much rotate between my Batignolles Horizontal and my Alma.

    I'm hoping that my sales will fund the new bag to replace my Alma-a monogram Theda :yes:

    Question for those of you have let a few of your LVs go.
    How the hell do you take detailed pictures of things that are sort of in hard to reach spots? Like date codes, for example?

    When I sold my Petit Noe it was in an easy spot and when I sold my Star Souple, the girl didn't care to see it.
    I've been trying to photograph the date code in my bags and I just keep getting a blur!

    Your help, as always, is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Most of the new cameras have a macro feature so you can take close ups. Just look for the little flower icon on your camera! Sometimes it can be kind of hard to take a good pic of a date code, especially if it's pretty well hidden. It might take a few takes before you get a good shot of it.

  3. I'm currently selling all my bags. Family emergency =/
  4. are you selling them on ebay? are we allowed to see the link? sorry not familair with the new rules.
  5. Yikes, the datecode is especially hard to take a picture of if it's engraved into the lining so just mention the datecode in your auctions and then if the interested buyer asks, take a best pic (using the macro feature) and send it to them.

    I find that it is easier to capture datecodes if you're in natural sunlight
  6. I am but I don't think I'm allowed to post them on here. I have a bunch, just search on ebay and you might come across it. VERY LOW PRICE and they're my original pics. I'm sure taht even if you didn't know the buyer, you'd jump on the deal.
  7. what is ur ebay id?
  8. We can't sell stuff on here anymore until further notice :sad:
  9. Thanks for the hint.
    I'm going to try and take them outside then.
    That was the issue I was having, I was using macro, but then whenever I put my camera inside the bag, the flash would blow it out, or with not flash it would be too dark.
    Of course, if you're too far you can't see squat LOL.
  10. What kind of camera do you have? But another thing to try to do is to have it on manual and then you can have your own fine adjustment. You can also turn the ISO up so that the pictures can be a bit lighter. And one more suggestion is that you can leave your camera at a distance and then zoom cause most camera's macro mode suck.
  11. I took a bunch this morning.
    Managed to bring them to the window for natural lighting and got great ones of the codes as well as the true colors of the bags.
    Thanks for all your help everyone!