Those who have met let-trade IRL...

  1. Those who've met up with let-trade in Hong Kong to pick up/buy their bag, what was your experience like?

    Where did you guys meet, how'd the transaction go?

    There is a *possibility* that I may be working something out with him while I'm still here in HK, but I'm just a tad unsure about meeting an online seller IRL, but I have heard about the positive experiences here.

    So, tell me, how was it?
  2. My mom and my sister met up with him at the MTR station :smile:
  3. Oh, umm just wonder if we'll be able to come to his store?
  4. From what I know he doesn't have a store. He only has an office in Hong Kong, however, I remember reading one of his posts talking about him opening a store in the US...
  5. Oh Karman- you may go meet my favorite SA! Please let me know about your experience is nice
  6. Hmm? Just be sure to meet him with your BF along side- or a friend- let us know how it goes- I'd go and meet him- especially since he's always a selling candidate for LE/Discontinued items or just a great deal. Good luck and pleeeeeeeeeeeease tell me how dandy the Miroir Speedy in silver is! (if it's still there-I haven't been there lately) Let us know Karman!