Those who have Medium Grey bags

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  1. Hi I'm interested in picking up a Medium Grey Cabas Phantom Tote and I was wondering if anyone owned any bags that were in medium grey. How has the color worn over time and do you experience any color transfers? My entire bag collection is black so I am trying to add some color to it so if you have any pictures to share as well I would be extremely grateful. TIA! :P
  2. I am of no help but I just have to say that I love that your "some color" is grey. :biggrin:
  3. I have a micro luggage in kohl (medium grey maybe a bit more medium dark) and LOVE it. The color is neutral but different. Goes with everything. No color transfer at all!
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  4. I had a Belt Bag in grey which I think is a bit darker but it‘s a great neutral that is a nice change to black bags. i had no issues of colour transfer with it but i do spray all my bags with collonil before use so maybe that helps with colour transfer, not sure
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  5. I’m eyeing this bag too but it’s not available in my country :sad:

    there’s a sangle in medium grey and there’s some blue element in this color.
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  6. I have a medium grey Chanel classic flap, quite close to the grey color of the cabas you're looking to get; cool-toned. Most my bags are black as well! And I wear a LOT of black. But recently I've invested in some burgundy as well as camels and I have an Hermes bag in etoupe (taupe color) and I find that........ I use my other non-black bags so much more than my medium grey one! I find that the warm tones of the camels, burgundy, taupe just flatter my outfits more than the regular medium grey does for some reason! Before buying my grey bag, I'd always thought that the cooler medium grey is a great neutral, but I really really prefer the look of the color taupe (which is still pretty grey to me!) instead.

    I might just be a funny one though.

    (Also, I haven't had issues with color transfer give my many black outfits BUT I don't wear any denim at all, so I have no idea about denim transfer.)
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  7. I have a few grey Céline bags and none of them show any colour transfer, not even the palest grey one. I also spray all my bags with carbon pro and give them a wipe down once in a while.
  8. This one is about 2 years old and heavily used ...

  9. :blush: Haha, with all my bags being black, I'm only brave enough to add greys to my collection :amuse:. Hopefully one day I have the courage to wear a red bag! The Celine red box is absolutely beautiful :love:

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  10. Thank you all for your help! I feel reassured now, the only thing left is deciding whether or not to get the bag :panic:
  11. Of course you must :ghi5:
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  12. Yeah I am not the bravest when it comes to colors either, so I totally understand! :biggrin: I consider my motty grey Chloé bag "colorful" so I don't even know why I found your post so hillarious, I am obviously not the right person to laugh about that! :whut: haha.

    And yeah, I second the part about the red box, it's stunning! :love: I too am too trying to find the courage to eventually add something red/blue/green to my collection, but I'll get to that once I feel like I have a good base of neutrals and blacks ... :coolio:
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