those who have had their chelsea wristlets for a couple of days..

  1. any regrets? I was thinking of getting one to be my summer wristlet. I love this color more then lv azur! It looks to be a good fabric that can widthstand sand and summer excursions. .02$ anyone?
  2. I love mine. Got it the other day with bday money and have been using it since.
  3. I haven't actually used it yet, but I keep pulling it out of the bag and playing with it! It's really nice and I'm excited to use it - but for the first time, I'm actually scared to get it dirty! It's weird cuz I've never felt that way about a purse item before.
    I like how big it is and the turnlock at the top is cute - my turnlock does make a very "clicky" noise though, kind of tough, I'm going to keep playing with it.
    It's leather, so I don't know about sand excursions, although I guess I got mine to use in Cancun!! Funny. I'm rambling. I'm tired. Hope you decide to get one, they're nice!
  4. I bought 3 two signature and the leather mineral color. LOVE THEM!!!, used one to go out it fits my cell, money, compact, lipgloss gum. Now using one as a cosmetic bag. I WANT THEM ALL
  5. I just got one in mineral today! I absolutely love it, so roomy! It fits my cell, mini skinny, phone, and a few other items. I just toss my stuff into and go!

    I plan on getting one in signature later.

    I totally would get one!
  6. I got my signature one on friday and used it all weekend! We were at a Cancer Relay all weekend and I didn't need to lug my purse around with me, cause EVERYTHING that I needed fit into it. The turnlock is a little tricky though...sometimes I can't get it to turn...but for $98 you can't beat it especially since I got the PCE discount on it.

    Go ...go...go...go get it! You know you want it! :yes:
  7. Pics Pics Aimee I keep telling myself I don't need it, but I own alot of the chelse with turnlocks. I thought about mineral, but I only own a mini skinny in sig, so thought maybe..........
  8. I returned my black one... I liked the styling but I wasn't in love with the pebbled leather.

    The deciding factor was when I went to the Outlets on Friday, I was able to pick up a plain black wristlet/cosmetic case & a black sunglasses case for the same price as the Chelsea Turnlock.
  9. I bought the mineral one and the mineral mini skinny to go in it. I used itthis weekend to run errands, etc and I love it. I love the interior pocket, most wristlets dont have them.
  10. ^^wow looks like the majority are satisfied!
  11. I got mine, but I also got the duffle wristlet off eBay. Waiting to receive that one and see if I *need* them both! LOL
  12. I think you need it. :graucho:
  13. I got the Mineral one, too! It is so great and is a beautiful, neutral color! It holds so much: my camera, Razr, Mini Skinny, Lipgloss...
    It's WONDERFUL!!! You should DEFINITELY get one. I had a hard time deciding between the Mineral and the Khaki/Tobacco Signature one though....may have to go back and get the sig!!! for more casual outtings!
    IMG_2267.JPG IMG_2266.JPG IMG_2263.JPG
  14. You need them - I love the mineral wristlet.
  15. you are no help! :nogood: