Those who have a sunset you love it?

  1. So, I know I got enough today, but I almost got an amarante sunset was calling me, but I was just afraid I would use it. It is abaout the same size as my lizard cerise pochette, which I hardly ever use.

    My SA said, won't you use it for nights out...and I was tempted, but then I remember hubby always dumps all his stuff to me when we go wonder I like big bags.

    So, do you love yours? Do use it for day or saving it for evenings out?
  2. It's great because you can actually use it as a shoulder bag, as a clutch, and in your case, tink, it can also be like a big wallet you can put into one of your BIG bags!! That's why it caught my doesnt SCREAM...... "LV---Look at me !!" it is just elegant or tastefully casual, depending on you! But hey, tink, you have LOTS of other goodies to satisfy you until..............hmmmmmm......Sept 15 th???? LOL :smile:
  3. What's September 15th???...Besides my birthday, lol....really it is! The big 4-0 !!
  4. Oooooh! I was *THIS* close to getting it today! I LOVE this pochette even though I prefer bigger bags too. So YESSSSSS BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!!!!! *continues chant* LOL!

    Note to self: get this bag *SOME* day lol

  5. ^^^^

    Oh, I figured you's when some of the fall/winter bags are being released !!! (MIRAGE) And all the more special since it will be your b-day !!!!
  6. i lovvveee mine but i think other members' sunset blvd's imprinting on the vernis is deeper than mine :sad: mine seems kinda lightly done and i love deep imprints in my vernis so i may see about exchanging it on thursday :sad:

    but i love it cuz i, myself am a small bag person.
  7. I fell in love with it when I saw pic on vuitton site
    I went to get it on sunday before the price increase...I played with it for a while...gorgeous bag indeed but was too small for me so I brought home roxbury instead
  8. I LOVE mine. It's such a cute fun bag. I mainly use mine at night but I would also take it to lunch with the girls or something! It could definately be used as a big wallet! It's a fab bag! GET IT!! I am such an enabler! LOL
  9. ^^^lol, like I need that ;)
  10. I think this would be fabulous to have as a wallet, or a pochette for the essentials or for a night or day out. I was actually debating about this, but I'd feel silly with the lv plaque for some odd reason (but yet I like the mirror pochette?!). But if it didn't have it then I would be all over it. I say go for it!
  11. GO FOR IT!!! I LOVE THIS BAG when I saw it at first sight...It just looks GREAT to me. FAB BAG!! Before this bag released, I was thinking why LV didnt have a nice clutch that I could carry it day and night...SUNSET BLVD, just picked up mine yesterday before the price increase!! I was too rush to forget to the gift box for my new Babies...(keke, I picked up a EPI Montaigne pm black too)
  12. i think it's such a cute bag. and when you love lv as much as you do, does it really matter how often you will be able to use it? :graucho: i say, get it!
  13. I loved it immediately and bought it, but once I got it home and thought about it, I really would not use it so I brought it back. It is gorgeous and I love the way it is set up, so if you think you will get some use out of it buy it!
  14. YES! I have it in Amarante and it is the best thing ever! It is great to use as an evening bag, since it has CC slots and a zipper section, and recently I've been just using it every day and throwing it into my big work bag and taking it for lunch.

    I LOVE IT! You won't regret it!! :heart:
  15. I've used it a s an extensive wallet a couple of times, I find it super practical, but only when you need the essentials only.

    It's PERFECT for a night out f.ex. clubbing when you CAN'T carry a lot of stuff, but if you go on a date it might be too small...