Those who got their damier speedies already

  1. Does it come flatten? Some of you post pics and I don't see any creases but some do have creases:huh:
  2. If your talking about eLux, It depends if you requested Gift Box or Not. If you requested Gift Box it Comes Full with Cardboard Filler inside but If Not, Its Flattened.
  3. Oh, that kinda sucks. I would have wanted it not flatten:sad:
  4. My SA put my bag in the big box. Inside the bag, she put folded cardboard to make the bag structured. So my bag wasn't folded like my mono speedies when I got them.The box and the shopping bag are huge...On the way home from the store, I stop over to my Gym to pick up class schedule, the front desk commented on my LV shopping bag. Damnnnnn that's huge bag !!!

  5. yeah mine was flattened...when he came out with my holds both bags were flattened inside their dustbags. when i decided to get the 30, i watched him flatten it to pack it back in the dustbag. i have a small crease, but nothing like i've seen in many mono speedies.
  6. I guess it depends on SA, it's easier for them to give you flat bag than puting the cardboard inside the bag.I had tiny problem when trying to get a rid of the cardboard. I didn't want to ruin the zipper.
  7. aww wish i had known that!! Does the crease eventually go away though????
  8. yeah it does...most people stuff it with old, clean tshirts, or something to that effect. it will evenutally come out with use.
  9. Mine was packed the same way. The speedy in the LV sleeper, then in the box, then in a HUGE LV shopping bag. Also had the cardboard inside the speedy to keep it's shape.

    But when I got my mono speedy back in April (from the LV store) it was smashed down flat and put in that LV like envelope bag then in a shopping bag w/ the sleeper bag inside.

    When I ordered my cerise speedy from elux. it was sent flat in a box w/ the sleeper etc. But when I ordered my wh. MC speedy again from Elux. it was in a huge box (not flattened) of course probably cuz of the hardware on the corners.

    Guess it just depends. Hmm...:hrmm:
  10. How much does the Damier Speedy cost?
  11. ^ same as monogram
  12. darnit!! i wish I know this before they shipped it out :cry:
  13. same price as the mono speedies!
  14. With my Mono Speedy 25 I requested a gift box and they sent it flat. Who knows!!
  15. i just got my mono speedy from elux. i requested a gift box as well, but all i got was the LV box, sleeper, and the bag was flattened.