Those who chose the Batignolles Horizontal over the Vertical...

  1. after trying both on...what did you like better about the Horizontal? Did the Vertical seem really big?

    Was there anything that you liked about the Vertical?
  2. I just liked the look of the Horizontal better, and that it was easier to get my notebook in and out of.
  3. I thought the BH looked better on me, and it didn't take forever to fish things out from the bottom. (The vertical reminds me of a well!)
  4. i chose the vertical :love:... didn't like the horizontal that much even though it'd carry more stuff.. the sides were sticking out a bit too much, made me worry about hitting things behind or (worse) my darlin' LV getting snagged on something behind me. :amazed:
    Also, as a lot of PF members have discovered... the vertical makes u look slimmer and taller! :graucho:
  5. The BH looked better on me and the saleslady agreed that the vertical is so deep I think I'd forever be rifling around for items.
  6. I haven't personally tried the Vertical, but I like the Horizontal in that you can easily see what's in there. Seems like the Vertical would kind of be wasted space since you put things in the bottom of your bag, not really stack stuff up high.
  7. I love the look of the BV much better but the BH seems like it would be more practical. hmm, decisions, decisions!
  8. at the moment, im finding it really difficult to choose which one i want... :-\ hmm, maybe another visit to the LV shop will fix it! its such a great bag!!!
  9. I chose the BH. The BV seemed like thngs would stack up in there. . . like I'd have to take out what's on top to get to what's under it.
    KWIM? I carry a BIG wallet and it if it went in last, it'd definitely block what's on bottom in a BV.
  10. the BH was wider and seemed easier to get in and out of. the BV was deeper and the opening seemed too small for me. I wanted a tote and the BH did it for me. I love it.
  11. that was very well put! thats exactly how it seemed to me. too deep. I wanted easy access and the BH was the best choice for me.
  12. Yeah..I liked the look better. And it is functional for me as a tote too..that way I had a little bit smaller bag in addition to the Mezzo.