Those who buy"pre-owned" bags...How much

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  1. do you look to spend(percent wise of brand new price) when you shop for a bag? I know it depend alot on condition of the bag. I am looking at a bag now and the reserve price is only $140 off the new bag price. The bags is in new condition, the patina is still very light. Is that a good deal or should I look some more. BTW I looked at completed auctions this bag was selling for around that price. What to you guys think?
  2. 140 dollars is pennies in my opinion for LV! Get it if it´s real. What bag is it?
  3. Like you said it depends on the condition of the bag. For $140 for a new bag though I would post the auction link in "authentic this" just to be sure it's not a fake.
  4. yup, definitely get it authenticated at this forum!
  5. Its from an MPRS. I bought a pouchette from her before. She is ligit.
  6. New for that price??

    I am skeptical,too good to be true. I am too paranoid big chance:
    a. become the victim of bait and switch. Using real bag pictures but send you fake bag
    b. the bag is fake (lack of detail pictures)

    It's great idea to post the auction link or PM people who can help you if you aren't sure about the authenticy..

  7. I am sorry I just read my post again. meant to say it is only $140 off the new price.
  8. I still think that price is way too good to be true. If you want to take a chance then it's totally your choice....but I would post the auction or at least the pictures from the auction just to be safe.

  9. Oh I see....well...that's not too good to be true then....

    Very good price considering it's another price hike makes the bag has higher value..
  10. For $140 off I'd rather get a brand new bag...
  11. I editted my post. I meant $140 off the price of a brand new one. The bag is not $140. (I wish)
  12. reserve price is only $140 off the new bag price >> to me that isnt much. But if you figure out what shipping is and if you hav to pay customs it might not be a big saves.

    Generally i like to look at least 300+$ off regualr price. I dont mind a bag with patina if i'm going to use the bag for snow and rain season. Plus I look at is as the more I save as long as the inside is clean and not too dirty outside that is money for another bag.
  13. For medium patina with no major flaws, I look for $200-300 off retail price. For a bag in brand new condition with almost no patina, $100-150 off retail seems fair as long as fees and shipping costs are taken into consideration.
  14. Well, I would buy from elux where you get 4% back and I'd rather have it brand new with warranty, etc.
  15. ITA, for only 140 off I would rather go new!