Those who buy Chanel from department stores...

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Oct 2, 2010
... as opposed to a stand-alone boutique:

I am curious and would really appreciate responses!

1) Which department store do you buy Chanel?

2) Do you have a stand-alone Chanel boutique nearby? If you do, why do you prefer to buy Chanel from the dept store of your choice rather than the boutique?

Does your dept store have a comparable (or better) selection?

If you don't, would you still prefer to buy from the dept store of your choice if there were a stand-alone boutique nearby?

3) Does anything about buying Chanel at the dept store of your choice frustrate you sometimes?

Thank you so much :heart:


Dec 25, 2009
I prefer to buy from the dept stores as the return policy is much better. The boutiques only give you a 2 wk window where the dept stores give you at least 30 days and sometimes an unlimited amt of time.

I don't feel the boutiques necessarily have better merchandise-I can usually find what I want by checking all the dept stores but I'm lucky to live in a major market area. Nordstrom has a great points reward program but probably the least selection that works for me, while Niemans has a better selection but not a great reward program.

Buying from Nordstrom is a bit frustrating when you need to give a CC to be on a waitlist if you want a guarantee of an option to buy. They only give you a 24 hr hold once the item is in-they want to push you to make the purchase.

Buying from dept stores means you can have sales people that are less trained and less knowledgeable. I would rather buy a purchase like this from someone who is informed and who at least knows as much as I do.
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