Those who buy bags from ebay...

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  1. should really think twice about your investment before you actually purchase. Especially LV bags. My advice would be to only buy from a seller that is recommended by MyPoupette. Believe me, I onced got knocked off and if it sounds too good to be IS too good to be true. What i've noticed is that when you buy from ebay, especially bags, always assume the bags on the page are fake. What's also risky is that you don't know whether or not the seller is showing the real product on the auction page. Also if you see a photo that has been repeatedly used, don't buy from the seller. I hope this commentary has been helpful...i really hate to see people being knocked-off. Good luck.
  2. eBay is a popular topic around here. Have you visited the "Seller Watch" forum category yet? It was set up a little while ago to help potential bag buyers with eBay auctions and other Web sites that sell bags. One has to be super careful when buying on eBay. It's not regulated as much as it should be when it comes to the sale of counterfeit goods. eBay makes a killing from the listings, so it's not like they care much.
  3. I have bought kate spades and Coaches from there only. So far all are authentic (with the help of some eBayers in the discussion forums and my BF for kate spades). I don't encourage it though cause there's just too much knock offs there. Unless you really know how to spot it and the seller has a good return policy (so that you can check if it's authentic by bringing it to a department store or the designer store itself), I wouldn't recommend it.

    Like many here have said before, peace of mind is worth buying from a department store or the store itself.
  4. I've never bought from My Poupette sellers, or ALVA sellers, or LVLU sellers.. but I've purchased several Louis Vuitton items off of eBay and they have all been authentic. I'm probably playing with fire, but I figure what I save probably will make up for getting burnt (if I ever do!).
  5. I think it helps if you already have a certain brand purse so you know what you are looking for on eBay.

    Like before I owned any Coach, I had no clue what was real and fake. But now that I have several- the fakes on ebay are really obvious to me.

    Same w/LV- I had never seen one in real life before (the closest store is like 2 hrs away) so it was hard to look for one on eBay b/c I had nothing to compare it to.

    I think its good to buy your first bag from a particular brand at the actual store or on eluxury.
  6. I think when purchasing you first bag. You should always buy from their boutique, dept stores or any highend boutiques and really get to know the bag. I would never purchase from any online stores who sells for much less. You think you're saving $$$ but in the end it's heart breaking to know that it is a fake.

    I would only purchase a bag from ebay when I am 10000% sure that it's authentic. Most Dept stores, balenciaga ny, and highend boutiques will not authenticate the bags because of legal issues so you really have to know what you're getting into. If you're not sure.. i wouldn't take the risk. Also, the seller must provide me the original receipt, tons of close up pics, and make sure that he/she gurantees authenticity with full refund.
  7. Another tip, go to the Purse and Accessories forum. Those girls (and guys) are real helpful there and will tell you if it is fake or not! Make sure you ask PRIOR to bidding!
  8. Well I sell on ebay (moncox)and I certainly don't do it for the money. It is more about the handbag addiciton, I buy , I admire then I sell. sometimes for a loss, very little profit, but I do enjoy putting the right bag with the right person. I am nervous about offering a liberal retun policy because I have heard horror stories about people returning different bags to you than they actually bought. I did have one lady who tried to tell me that her bag was in terrible condition and she did mistakenly take the tags off and she wanted her shipping refunded. I assured her the bag was in perfect condition and I had taken insurance out and that we would file a claim with the postal service. well that shut her up quickly. I correspond with my customers a lot and I think we get a feel for each other and they trust me and I trust them. this all started when I bought some fake coach on ebay. and the handbag addiction was born.
  9. The time i bought from ebay, I only went to a seller who had satifaction garuntee, if I wasn't pleased, and I found ANY reason for it to not be authentic, I could send it back, I checked my purse out, and it was good. So I think if you have sat. gar., or if it's not authentic return it, you shouldn't hold back from buying!
  10. I purchased a real LV on Ebay from a non MPRS. It is possible if you know exactly what to look for.
  11. Mprs???
  12. Bobojue,
    I think she is referring to My Poupette Recommended Sellers (MPRS). I know sometimes I have to do a double take when I see acronoyms.
  13. I thought of a good way to get an authentic LV at a discount price. What you could do is purchase a vintage LV bag from a MPRS in good condition. Then you can take it to the LV store and have the patina replaced, as Noriko said. That way, you'll have a great look for a great price.
  14. I did not know that.. How much does it cost to have the patina replaced?
  15. I just sent Noriko a PM asking that question...