those who are use to hunting down an item..

  1. how do you go about doing so? and how do maintain your sanity!

    I'm trying to track down an indigo cles which I know is really ellusive and was really popular when it was released. any tips appreciated! :heart:
  2. Have you contacted let-trade and asked them? They sometimes have items in stock that are not yet listed.
    Good luck!
  3. Have you tried 866-Vuitton? Sometimes you get a nice surprise when you call them!
  4. ^^ I've called 866 a few times since December, and no cles. :crybaby:

    I would email LT!!
  5. OMG i want one of these too and just keep searching, it will come ast some point. but in the mean time.. i try and focus on something else.. or look at my indigo reade and i'm happy.
  6. I am searching for Prune Le Fab currently, but so far no luck :'(
  7. I tried for months to locate an indigo cles with no such luck. So I settled for a ludlow. there was one on eBay for like 10 seconds just last week before someone here bought it. Good luck
  8. i keep it just under obsession status and keep looking.
  9. I go EVERYWHERE ON THE INTERNET!! There are reputable sellers posted on the shopping thread I believe and I check them DAILY!! I haven't been so desperate to ask some big sellers if they'd help me- I haven't been on a hunt for anything super elusive.....

    Good luck with the cles----!!!
  10. Are you willing to buy on eBay?? you can set up a favourite item serach using key words and when one pops up you get an email alert.
  11. ^^I may have to resort to that.
  12. Yeah, will not be abl to find indigio cles through LV, that ship has long passed sailed.
  13. I know how you feel..I used to have a Indigo Thompson St. but sold it. BIGGEST REGRET EVER. I actually used to play this online cute game, called Ragnarok Online, (RO) and like, you literally had to HUNT for these elusive amazing items that you wanted (oddly most were accessories too - mainly elite hats, lol). sometimes LV rarity hunting feels like im back in that game, but the values and stakes are so much higher and needed, hehe. Hunting certain items allllways reminds me of doing that in that game.
  14. LOL Gayle! I love to hunt during the holiday season for gifts, I don't think I can do that with LV. Too much emotion with LV. LOL.
  15. lol, totally! Holidays are one thing and kinda a "ya gotta do it" in some cases, and that doesn't bother me. But the emotion....Michelle you are so right, I actually get UPSET physically about certain hunts or rares that I want, etc. Then I think of all the NEW stuff i'm listed for and need to get, so it's like this big conflict and veryyy emotional. so, i gave up hunting rares, it gives me too much ajidda. :yes: