Those waitlisted for a Kelly, Birkin, Bombay etc.

  1. If you are on an actual waitlist for a Kelly or Birkin at Hermes I was wondering...

    1)What are you waiting for? (style, color, leather type, hw)

    2)How long were you told the wait would be?

    3)How long have you been waiting thus far?

    4)Have you been offered any other bags by an SA while you have been waiting?

    Been wondering while I have been waiting who else is waiting...seems like many people are picking up some beautiful bags without any wait. Fill me in if you want to share.
  2. Well, if you happened to be in San Fran today you could have walked out with that 28cm Black Box Kelly with brushed Pall hw for $6750.00 but it wasn't showcased. I begged and pleaded my sorry case to the SA and then she went to "see what she had" in the back. There was an older couple who walked in and immediately the SA dissapeared and came back with a 28cm etoupe togo Kelly which they bought in a heartbeat so in San Fran I think it's what ever is there when you show up OR whatever your SA can find for your specifications and have shipped to the store.
  3. Kellybag, what have you been waiting for?
  4. I am waiting for a birkin 35 in palladium (either togo or would love chevre) Let's just say I am waiting for pretty much every neutral color they make and I also have potiron, raisin, and fuschia on my list. I pretty much laugh because I have like eight colors on my list.
  5. That's ok, Kellybag....I have about eight different bag STYLES on my list. One of these days I'm going to have to narrow things down a bit!
  6. ^ A chevre birkin would be so divine!

    I'm not on a waitlist yet but when I'm ready, hope I'll know exactly what it is I want!
  7. Chevre is gorgeous!
  8. 1) Birkins: either red, olive green, orange, or raisin (to be quite honest, I'm not too picky about the leather, but I want something scratch-resistant; most of them are probably palladium hardware)

    2) 2 years for any one of them, but maybe earlier

    3) not long

    4) yes

    I just started buying Hermes bags this year, and I was able to quickly establish a good relationship with my SA. Not only do I buy bags, but I buy shoes, wallets, and RTW. Because of this, I was able to "cross off" a few bags that were previously on my lists. The bags I now have were ones that are slight deviations from what I originally wanted, but I thought they were close enough (my blue jean Birkin is clemence, instead of togo, etc.).