Those Three Ugly Words

  1. "MAY I BORROW?" What do you tell people when they want to borrow your Louis? I don't mean to sound selfish but..... nobody will care for your bag like you do. Do you tell them, "I don't loan out my bags...... or This was a gift so....... or I had a bad experience once..... or I am not comfortable...."

    I also don't like to loan out my clothes. It is just something I have always felt because, like the handbags, nobody will treat your possessions like you do. And it is always the favorite things that people ask you for. Right? The dress that is special, or the skirt that you got when you were on vacation, or the blouse that your DH got you for your birthday. How do you say "NO" without causing hurt feelings?

    I work hard to save for my handbags and I treat them with such care. What would you say when the bag gets returned to you with a stain? You would have to say ,"Don't worry, no problem." And then go away and cry your eyes out. You can't really tell them that they have to get you a new bag..... Right?
  2. I'm very careful with my purse...especially my LV and of course I'll never let anyone borrow them. If something like that happen to me, i would confront the person. They'll either have to get me a new one, or do something about it. It isn't 30 bucks handbag, it costs a few hundred or even thousands.
  3. hmmm that's one of the reasons I don't have many female

    Most people I know are guys and they don't ask to borrow my clothing, bags, makeup, pads/tampons, class-notes...etc.

    Not trying to be sexist here... but I've NEVER heard a guy borrow another guy's personal stuff....

    Anyway, *if* I get asked, I'll just say "No, buy your own. Wanna go shopping at LV tomorrow?"
  4. I never let anyone borrow my LVs (except my mom). I don't care how good a friend they are - if something happened to the bag, it might affect your friendship, what with trying to get it replaced or whatnot...I dunno, to me, just not worth it!
  5. my mom borrows my bags. i dont have any bags with vachetta so i'm not worried. if it was a friend, no i dont let them borrow... i know people that borrow and keep.
  6. I absolutly know what you'r talking about.
    Had a friend which borrowed my burberry-scarf one time ago. She got it stolen at a private party because she didn't thought anyone would steal a expensive, design scarf which was just lying around in the corner of the room.

    When someone ask me if they can borrow i simply tell them; not really, but if you can afford me a new one if it get damaged, then it is okay.
  7. I am lucky, my BF is MORE anal about caring for her bags than me. AND she lets me "borrow" my godchild for weeks so I am likely not to complain about a purse!

    However my sister is another story! She smokes and wears makeup so for a majority of my bags she is NOT allowed !
  8. I've never been asked by a friend to loan one of my purses. That seems really odd. Who does that? Anyway, if someone ever did, I would absolutely decline.
  9. I let my BF borrow my bags.. only bc I know she is majoring in fashion and takes very good care of things.. I would trust her with my life, so why not my bag? JMO.
  10. My friends know how i feel about my bags, they never ask to borrow them.
    But, they are also not into them like I am. My 2 best friends use coach and brighton. so i have no worries there! The only person I ever let use my purses is my mom, she is careful with them and she never asks me...i always ask her if she wants to use one!
  11. It really depends on the person. I mostly loan out evening bags for my friends going to special events. But I have one friend who regular borrows from my older Coach stash ( I don't worry much about those.) I have another friend who could borrow ANYTHING from my collection. If something happened to it I know she would replace it. But I also have friends that I would never loan anything to, ever, and that's money/purses/books.

    If I wasn't comfortable I simply say, "it's to new/special, I'm not ready to loan that out yet."
  12. I think it would be weird if someone borrowed your bag - unless it's a really really close friend (whom you usually borrow stuff like clothes from too), and if that was the case, I would only if this friend understands how important and precious my bags are to me LOL :smile: Good thing I've never had a friend borrow any of my LVs, only small pouches and stuff for like evening or formal events. The only other person whom I lend my Lvs to are my Mom - who most certainly understands the care and attention I give to it! We sometimes split the cost of a bag and share it! hahaha :smile:

    But I do agree that it would be awkward to say "no" but in all aspects, I don't think you should be pressured to say yes!
  13. Same here! My mom always wears designer bags herself, only not LV (she wears the Belgian brand Delvaux since she received one for her 18th birthday). I know how she treats her own bags, so I know I can trust her with mine. But she only likes one of my bags, my damier papillon 26, wich is almost all the time at her house :smile:
  14. :tdown::tdown:

    Hell NO!
  15. I would never allow it. I'm fanatical about taking care of my bags, and don't think other people could understand how important they are to me. Fortunately, my friends aren't the type to ask, so I doubt if I'll ever be faced with having to say no.