Those That Ordered Their Mac's From The Apple Website (r/o)

  1. So I finally ordered my comp. on saturday and paid for two day shipping it shipped this morning but it says it is coming from SHANGHAI CN, and that it won't be here until the 3rd. :tdown:I hate waiting for a package to come and even worse that is 3 days not the 2 that I paid for, should I call apple and ask them for a refund for shipping ?? So my question is did your comp. get shipped from an international location as well???
  2. Most Apple shipments come from China. Two iPods and a Macbook I ordered online came from China. I'm sorry you are dissatisfied with their shipping; I always go standard and remember ordering on Mon. and getting the package on Thurs.
  3. I would try to get a shipping refund - in my experience Apple has great customer service, so it's worth a shot! Good luck!
  4. hmmm, that's weird to me because each time I've ordered (four iPods, one Macbook) the return address has said California.

    Apple does have great CS, so good luck!
  5. Thanks Ladies. I went on the apple website to get a number to call someone and it says 2-3 days for international. I am so upset right now because I will be getting it one day short of a week which really sucks. I thought ordering on sat would give them enough time to process the order and so on. I may have very well just ordered monday and saved myself 18 bucks and went with the standard shipping. It would have probably gotten here around the same time.

    Sorry for the rant..
  6. That is weird. I paid for mine to be overnighted and it came from california! So did my Ipod and my nano....and even my screen cleaner(which I paid standard for and got it overnight)!
  7. Sooo, regular config comes from California, custom from China? All my iPods have laser engraving and my Macbook was an SO.
  8. ^^^That has to be it because I upgraded....For me there wasn't an option for overnight only standard or 2 day.
  9. Okay so I just went on the apple website and added a standard macbook to my cart and proceeded as if I were to purchase it and there it is an option for overnight. So it does depend on whether you upgrade or not.
  10. Yea that must be because mine wasn't an upgraded macbook!
  11. Build to order takes extra time, depending on how many features you upgrade. RAM and common configs add 2-3 days, more than that will add 3-5 days. Sorry it's too late now, but in the future always go for the standard free shipping -- once it's out of the factory, it gets home quickly. I've done 3 computers over the years this way.
  12. I just ordered Sat too...upgrading from my imac g5 to a macbook now that I'm starting grad school again....

    Anyway..yeah special orders come from China...mine is because I upgraded the hard drive. Mine is also showing estimated arrival on Aug 3. But I left it at ground shipping. Because I customized it, it said it would take longer to ship. And when I look at my order confirmation it says ships by July 30 - Aug 1 and Delivers by Aug 1-Aug 7. It was when I got my shipment notification this AM that it says it is expected to deliver by Aug 3. The fed ex page itself does not list a expected delivery date yet..just that its in transit from China.

    I leave everything I order from at free shipping cuz I have a distribution center nearby (but not a store!) so I learned the first time I paid for expediting shipping that I get almost everything overnight even at ground. Once in a blue moon it comes from California and takes a week...but for most stuff it comes from so close I just let it come ground.
  13. Well i'm glad I know this now for when I order in the future. I guess all I can do is be patient :rolleyes:. I wish I had known this before, but I usually just go to the store and pick up what I need since it's so close.

    Shelbell77 I think our computers left together let me know when you get yours. Mine says in the tracking that it should be here aug. 3 by 10:30am.
  14. Mine is updated to say by 10:30 on Aug 3 too! Can't wait! Now to get a backup down this week to make transferring to the new computer easy!!!!

    And think positive...if you special ordered your store may not have had it anyway.....for closest apple store is a 200 mile round trip drive these days...thats why I love Plus I can get extra reward points through my credit card for ordering on
  15. wait a second... my Macbook was customized too.. but I'm pretty sure it was shipped from CA??? I didn't actually track it but it took about a week.