Those Saks Sales Suck, Unless.......

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  1. I just got a couple of jackets that came in from online Saks and I LUV THEM
    I got an Andrew Marc linen and leatner lacket for $148 and now its $219. What a ripoff if you didn't get it last week. Of course the original price was $550 SO NOT BAD.
    I also got a Dana Buchman khaki beaded denim jacket for $81 originally 448.00 I think. They're out now. Its a matter of being at the right place at the right time. I also used shopjuly code for 10% additional! I didn't get any bags however, I just splurged on two louis damier bags, a speedy 30 and a chelsea tote.
  2. The only thing I bought from final call was a Dana Buckman shirt that was originally 225 for 89.
  3. I got a chanel braclet for $60.00 from 180.00
    gucci bag for $245 down from 820.00$
    a chanel makeup bag for $208 down from 695
    chanel pink/black bolwer $412 down from 1375.00
    chanel coin pouch $200 down from 350.00
    marc jacobs perforated flap bag $300.00 down from 1250$
    antik jeans $77 down from 216.00
    and two JC terry cloth jackets $48/each down from $98
  4. Wow you did well. I just got a Pink Tartan blazer for $ 98 from $ 498


  5. Wow. That's amazing!
  6. \

    wow what a steal!!~ why couldn't i have had some luck getting my hands on some chanel items!~ =*( :crybaby:
  7. I Missed The Sale. ;[ I Just Bought A New Gucci Tote From There For Full Price.

    Please Keep Us Updated On The Upcoming Salesss!!!
  9. Sure.
    be back in a few mins.
  10. lv those are some great buys.
  11. ---

    Wow, you got some amazing buys!
  12. Cute stuff and great deals!
  13. Ok, I cant take this anymore :crybaby::crybaby:
  14. damn girl! i NEED to shop with you! awesome deals!!!!
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