those open "O" diamond necklaces

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  1. .... the O pendants. . . they come in varying sizes.....are they still popular? Too popular?? So many girls have them

    What's the next thing to get?
  2. I think they come and go, they were really hot a few years ago and then went away, then came back again (a la horseshoe necklaces and teeny tiny charm necklaces). I really like them, they're pretty timeless IMO.
    My mom has larger one (like the size of um...hmm...a cucumber slice?) and she wears it pretty often, people are always complimenting her on it.
  3. They got HUGE for a time frame, but I think it is a fairly common jewelry item that many people like, such as horseshoe, star or initial pendants. I don't know the next thing to get, it really depends on your jewelry preferences, KWIM? If you like them and want one, I don't think it is out of fashion in any way.
  4. I think the circle pendants are pretty classic. They have been around forever, and just like most classic things, get really hot every now and then.
    Right now, I think the new craze is stars.
  5. the circle of life pendants?
    They're classic but VERY common around here. I wanted one and decided to upgrade my diamond stud earrings instead as every woman had one every where I went it seemed like.
  6. I see a lot of people with them, so if you are looking for something distinctive, I don't think it's the way to go. Regardless, you should buy what YOU like, because even if you are not investing in jewelry for the financial benefits (if any), you should love the jewelry you wear.:flowers:
  7. I personally think they are lovely, but I would not buy one for myself right now because they are so popular. I think for me, I would find something else that not everyone has. Or I would get a circle that maybe had two circles instead of one. Something that would be a little different from what everyone else has. If you like them, then buy yourself one.
  8. I see them everywhere. Stores at every level of retail have some version of them. However, their simplicity means you can wear it without looking like a fashion victim. I think it also helps if you get a good quality one.

    Seems like you see those "journey" pendants everywhere now too.
  9. I didn't realize they were "classic". I thought Oprah had made them popular when she started wearing it.
    I do agree that it is pretty simple design and stunning when it is a quality piece. And the one gal says her Mom has one the size of a cucumber slice - WOW!

    What is a journey piece???

    I am going to stick with my Chopard pendant, it has the moon and the stars floating inside . . . I have it in gold, got it like 10 yrs ago.
  10. Journey pieces have a series of diamonds which get progressively larger.

    Supposedly, it is to symbolize "how love grows." :throwup:
  11. I have got my cirlce pendant in the last 6 months. I have never been a huge fan but my DH saw this one on a business trip and loved it. When he got home and I tried it on, I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. Mine is a normal size circle but it is a lil over the 3 cts of diamonds
  12. I bought one becuase I got a really great deal on it, but I kind of regret it. I got it a year an a half ago but I've only worn it a handful of times.

    I think the trend has passed though, they were what was in before those journey pendants...

    If you really want it, I would say go for it becuase it is still also classic.
  13. I love it. I think it is a very simple, but GORGEOUS.
  14. :roflmfao: That is kind of a gross/over fluffy way to market diamonds. Never thought of it before!
  15. I got one in white gold for my 15th anniversary and love it. I like the simplicity of it and receive lots of nice comments about it when I wear it. It can be worn when dressed up or dressed down.