Those of you with young children...

  1. Just curious...where do you keep the bag you are currently using for a given day in your house? Is it "hidden" away so that they kids cant GET TO IT!?? LOL OR is it out in the open? Also where do you store your collection of bags? I have 2 kids, one is 8 and one is 5, and I store my bags in what I call my "coach cabinet"'s the cabinet to my entertainment center in my bedroom! The bag I use for the day, is placed in a nook on my livingroom carpeting... Let's hear where you all place your precious bags!!!!
  2. My bags not in use are kept in their dust bags in the closet in the bedroom. The children do not go into our bedroom when we are not in it.

    I keep the bag I am using on a hook in the entryway. I've never expressly told them, yet none of them (I have 3 children - 7, 5 and 3) have ever touched my purse. Even dh doesn't touch my purse. It is like an unwritten rule!
  4. My purse is usually near where I am. Whatever purse I am using for the day is kept on its own stool next to my bed.

    When I retire for the evening, the stool is where the purse sleeps.

    Otherwise, I store my purses in their dust bags on the shelf in my walk in closet.
  5. I keep my purse in my car. Our garage is locked so it's very safe in there and no one bothers it. When I come into the house, I just bring my keys and my cellphone.
  6. I try to keep my bags in their respective dust bags, but you know how things go sometimes!! I have the best intentions, but sometimes they just end up right on the kitchen bar! Here is another question though, do any of you keep the stuffing and put it back in your bag when it is not used? If I don't, some of my bags slouch(ie.. legacy and some hamptons), that can't be good for our purses can it?
  7. My current "using" bag I keep on my dresser or on my computer desk and the little ones know not to touch mommy's purse. As for the ones not in use, I keep the designer/high end (coach, lv & gucci) purses in dustbags/boxes on a shelf in our newly designed CLOSET WORLD closet and the others hanging on the wall on a four prong rack in the closet.

    Oh and yes my designer bags are stuffed w/their stuffing. The only one in a dustbag but not a box is my gucci, can't find a box big enough to fit it in (it's the small sized pelham if anyone has an idea of what it will fit in).
  8. My young one is older now, but he & dh NEVER touch my bags. I have shelving in our master closet that stores my classic bags. All others to current are stored in my workroom closet that my dh added shelves to hold my collection. Most are not in their dustbags, but the dustbags are inside. I like to open the closet door to see them, often. They are ALL stuffed to keep their shape! I use them all & I change my bag every 1-2 days.

    My bag of the day has a prominent spot, resting on the top of a leather lidded box that holds wristlets.

    My dh travels regularly and sometimes I bring 3 or 4 of the newer 'girls' into the master bedroom while he is away. Then everyday I can wake-up to sunshine & a new COACH bag!

    I will admit that I do have a few that haven't seen the light of day for one reason or another, like a White Suede duffle that I was able to get from the outlet for $75! I have clothes to wear with it, but sometimes the thought of getting it dirty freaks me out.

    Maybe I should change my name to 'crazy coachgrl'?
  9. My kiddos are young (3 and 5), so the bag for the day is on a high shelf that runs all along our family/dining room area (it's an open floor plan). It's also the same place toys get a "time out" if they have not been properly played with or if we have a tantrum incident LOL!

    I have so many things that I need to access from my daily bag (cell phone, day planner, and sometimes a functioning pen!), that I can't just hide the whole bag away while we are home.

    Bags that are not in use are stuffed with tissue paper to keep their shape, kept in dust bags and then lined up in my shelf closet in cubbies. The home's previous owner was a clothes horse apparently! Or maybe his wife/SO had a purse collection...:p

    ETA: While I try to minimize the kids ransacking my bag (and they don't!), I don't want them fearful of going into my bag. My DS has life-threatening food allergies and at some point, I want both children to 1. know that I have an epinephrine pen and Benedryl in my bag and 2. how to administer it and call 911 on my cell, if necessary, in an emergency. It's sort of weird, but I grew up with my mom never letting me go into her purse. And while I understand her need for me to respect her things and her privacy, it gave me this strange phobia about approaching her purse (which I still hate to do, even when she tells me to get something for her). Weird, I know!
  10. I keep the bag I am presently using on a chair in the entranceway of my home. My kids know not to touch my bag as does dh. My bags are my sacred posessions.
    The ones I am not using for the day are on a shelf in my bedroom stored in their dustbags. I am wondering do they need to be stuffed? Some are and some aren't.
  11. I usually leave the bag I am using in my car (parked in my garage) while my other bags are kept in their dust bag in my "formal" living room which is gated off from the doggie and kids.
  12. I leave my purse on a chair in my dining room, so that I can grab it running out the door.
  13. Stuffing purses w/ tissue paper while they are being stored is a GREAT idea so that the bag will hold it's shape for when we take it out again to use it! I havent personally saved any of my stuffing that the bags came w/ b/c I never thought to do that!!! GREAT idea, though! I have been rolling up plastic bags that you get at grocery stores (I took a whole reel home w/ me!!! LOL) and stuffing my bags w/ those. It has worked pretty well and none of my bags have lost their shape. The ones that are in my "coach cabinet" in my bedroom are in their own individual dust bags all the time!
  14. I either put it on my kitchen chair or I usually hang it on the coat/backpack rack hanging in my garage entry.. right by the kids backpacks and coats! I have 3 kids, 10, 8 and 4.. but I don't tell them not to go near it.. I dont' know why they would :confused1: I don't really store my other bags, because I always sell them to make room for more, so I never have more than 2-3 bags I either hang the one from my treadmill hook (it has to be used for something!) :roflmfao: or set it in my office.
  15. I keep all my bags that I am not using on the shelves in my closet in their dustbags and stuff with the original stuffing or sometimes a towel rolled up and then stuck in a large zip-lock bag to keep any lint out.

    For shoulder bags, my hubby installed these really nice padded hooks and they hang from there but I don't use the dust bags on those usually. On a couple of them, I kinda slit the bottom of the dust bag so I can slip it over the bag vs. putting it in, but it doesn't really work all that great.

    The bag I use each day I keep in my room on a chair or the floor of my carpeted bedroom closet.