Those of you with Yorkies

  1. After being told by friends that I should stick with a purebreed, I have been looking at Yorkies...

    What are your experiences with them? I am supposed to look at and put a deposit down on a boy this week. Some say that yorkies are super high-strung and yappy? How easy are they to train? This would be my first dog.

    Any info you have about them I would be very much appreciative!

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. A good friend of mine has a Yorkie, and I've trained a couple in my day. Yorkies can be adorable, but because of that I've seen some spoiled ones. The yapping bit can be easily cured if you nip it in the bud and train him not to bark excessively. I've used the shake can method on them, but to the extreme I've heard of people using those collars that emits a orange fragrance every time they bark. They can be a bit high strung, just because their little doesnt mean they want to romp around like a big dog! If you tire him out you will not only bond with him, but won't have a stir crazy dog. Basically every breed can be a gentle, quiet breed if you train them from the start. Also signing up for obedience classes before you get the dog also looks favorable to the breeder as well.
  3. I dont have a yorkie but I just wanna say that I adore them. Someday, I want to have one.

    Good luck with your search and please post pics of your lil boy when you have him.
  4. They are so cute! Make sure to be picky about which breeder you buy your pup from, though. Yorkies and other small breeds are known to have many health issues, especially the teacup sized ones. Stay away from the teacups!! They are precious but will cost you lots of $$$ in vet bills:sad:

    As long as you stay consistent, Yorkies are very trainable. As for yipping, my two chihuahuas do it and I just keep a water mister on hand. When they start to yip on and on, I just lightly spray them on the tush with lukewarm water. I hate yelling at them and would NEVER physically hit them, so the spray bottle works really well. Now all I have to do is pick it up and they know to stop. I don't even need to spitz them anymore LOL

    Good luck!! If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me:smile:
  5. Toy terrier males do bark a lot. If you want a dog that does not bark, I would advise a female.

    Also, remember that dogs are dogs regardless of their size. This means you should train your toy dog as you would if he were a great dane. This is a big mistake most people make with small dogs- they coddle them and the dogs turn into little monsters. I know it is hard to be tough on a small dog, but you will be glad you were firm.

    I have a 6 lb toy fox terrier and she has been treated and trained like she was a big dog from day one. We have never had a single thing in our house chewed and she really likes people and other dogs. She is a great dog and companion. I used to train dogs for obedience so this is the biggest peice of advice I can give you.
  6. We owned a great yorkie for 17 years.-He was a very mellow, friendly, funny yorkie who smiled, really, he smiled at all of our guests and family members. We took him everywhere on trips with us and he adapted to every change we put him through, loved the kids and the grandkids, was not very friendly to other dogs. He thought he was a bulldog when it came to defending the homestead, chasing cats, etc. He was not a tea cup size, he was 8 lbs and quite healthy. Took long walks with us. We have seen and been around similar yorkies and also high strung ones., when you go see the litter, stay a while, play with them and see the behaviour of the different pups, also, if both the parents are there, spend a little time with them to see how they act, hope you get one, they are wonderful.
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    this is my 3.5 yr old 'puppy' rocco. I must admit, I think I lucked out with him. He's quite mellow, VERY quiet and very nice. He's a licker!! I had been wanting a puppy for a good 4 years before I took the plunge. I was more keen to getting one that didn't shed being that my brother is a bit allergic and my mom wasn't really feeling the dog hair on the couch. When we got him he was around 4-5 lbs. @ 8 months, which is slightly heavy but then again he is a "standard" yorkie. In the 3 years I've had him...he's gotten to be around 11-13lbs of pure muscle. We have a pit mix and they play constantly. We also go on long walks in the park which may attribute to his size but if you look at him you couldn't tell, that is until he's standing on your chest saturday morning trying to wake you up! =)! But enough rambling....Yorkies are awesome but good temperment is hard to come by. Research and get to know the breeder. reap what you sow.
  8. aww, yorkies are so cute...I've been wanting one since 2001 but my mom is allergic to all animal owning a pet with fur/hair is out of the question.

    anyways please post pictures of your doggie once you pick one.
  9. i have a yorkie and i love him. i highly reccomend to anyone questioning it to totally get one.

    my pup is totally high strung at some times, and not at others, when hes tired.

    my yorkie was VERY easy to train.

    its my first dog too.. totally good choice. get get GET
  10. ps my yorkie is a few pounds, VERY tiny.