Those of you with the Coco Cabas...

  1. Hi everyone. I was browsing through the Chanel forum last night for the first time. And saw the coco cabas bag and love it! :love: Is it impossible to find at any store right now? And what is retail on it? I would love to see it in person and see how it would look on me. I'm wondering if it's too big on me, as I'm only 5'2. I saw some pics of some of you ladies carrying it on your shoulder and it looks gorgeous! :drool: Will it fit over a down coat with no problems? I'm leaning towards the dark gray color. Is that more or a gray or dark brown color? I love the slouchiness of the bag. If I cannot find it in the stores, I might have to go to Ebay. I did see a few that look authentic, how much over retail would you pay for it? Also, what's the difference between this and the modern chain tote? The chain tote is less slouchy? Sorry for all the questions, I'm new to this line. Any information would be greatly appreciated! TIA! :flowers:
  2. Oh, I forgot to mention that it is the large size of both bags that I am interested in. Thanks!
  3. Well I will try answering some of your questions, those that I have answers to.

    I have the coco cabas in white leather. It is quite large and very slouchy. I am 5'5 and I don't think it's too big at all. If you do a search, you might find pictures of me carrying it.

    For me, it fits over a winter coat easily and I am sure a down coat as well, but I don't wear too many layers under my coat (just a sweater).
  4. Thanks so much tods123! I thought nobody would answer me. So my only option would be to find this on Ebay if I want it? I was all into LV bags until I decided to browse the Chanel forum and all these bags look so gorgeous!
  5. Cugal, I am sure the other owners will get back to you as well. The chanel forum is less busy that the LV and replies take a bit longer.

    As for where to purchase the original coco cabas, I hear that they (chanel boutiques, NMs and Saks) are going to receive anther shipement in December, but the wait list is long. It might pay off to call around the country to get on to the shortest list. I hear Bar Harbour in FL often has the shortest list.
  6. I have the black vinyl coco cabas and LOVE it. It is currently for sale through a NM catelog. Call 800-825-8000. Catelog Code: ACF06 Item number 1 Tote $995. Its hip and fun. I get tons of compliments. Good luck.
  7. I think you should also be able to pull it of with your height. It should be able to fit with a down coat, but may be a little tight. If you decide to go on ebay look up DGJEANS who is an authentic seller. He had one for sale the other day. As far as going above retail, it depends on how much you love the bag, and what it is worth to you.
  8. Thank you! I will call around to get on the waiting list and hopefully be able to get one. I would really like to try it on first before I purchase it on Ebay if possible. I actually want the black or dark gray leather version, not the vinyl one. I'm guessing the leather ones are not available through the NM catalog? Thanks for everyone's help.
  9. I love mine!!!! i have the black leather one it was $1650.00. I don't think it will be too big for you as long as you like BIG bags. I can fit a bunch of crap in mine. scarf, water bottle, and then all the other stuff. It fits very good over a coat and i have a down jacket and it was fine with that too. I got mine in the end of Aug and have used it everyday!!!! I love it!!!!!

    If you can find one I say get it. And since i have been using it it is getting more broken in and softer. I love the way it looks. Also it is a tough bag so you don't have to worry about scratching it. It looks good beat up!
    Good luck and pls let us know if you get one!
  10. i was wondering how much is it for both the vinyl and leather in the 2 different sizes? are the prices given before tax or?? thanks alot girls
  11. The vinyl comes in 2 sizes, Large and XL. Large is 995. Don't know about the XL.

    The leather only comes in Large and it's 1650. All prices quoted before tax.
  12. thanks so much!
  13. Agreed! I dropped my beautiful white cabas (gasp) during a rain storm in the mud :wtf: and yet all the crap came right off with a few wipes of a wet papertowel! It's amazing.
  14. OMG! i also can't get my eyes away from this bag since i saw it in magazine months ago...
    not i know that they have the leather besides the vinyl, i get more and more obsessed.
    is the leather tend to be slouchier than the vinyl?
    is the leather the same like balenciaga's?
  15. I actually purchased mine on eBay because I was so obsessed with it. BUT I was so stressed out trying to figure out which ones were the real thing and which ones weren't. I ended up buying from someone (on eBay) that was a PFer (ending my stress). Don't give up - try the stores and you will actually spend less than eBay too.