Those of you with teal baby cabas...

  1. Let me live vicariously through you...
    Have you worn your teal baby yet? do you feel the color goes with alot? do you see yourself wearing this year round or is it more of a spring, summer color? Please post pix of you wearing if possible!
  2. I LOVE mine and wear it with everything. I think the color is very versatile and I plan on using mine year round. If I can find my digital camera charger, I will take some pics.
  3. ^^Thanks south! I have never seen in person but all the pix look so beautiful. Would love to see someone wearing the bag. :smile:
  4. It is such a great color, I am so in love. I had my heart set on black with teal my second choice, but when my SA located the teal I jumped. So glad I did b/c I just love it.
  5. I LOVE my teal Cabas!..I actually havent used it Ive been using the Black baby cabas the past 2 weeks....It can be worn year round.At first I wasnt sure..Now I see it IRL..YOU CAN!
  6. My boyfriend surprised me with the teal Coco Cabas for my bday. I love it. I wore it all this week in Vegas.

    Here is a pic of me, my twin and my bag.
  7. You lucky girl!! What a fabulous BF! Thanks for posting the picture. I love how the color just pops but still looks neutral enough to wear with a lot!! that clinches it! I want that bag!:drool: