Those of you with sea green bags..:

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  1. Do you find the color to be very bright? What colors do you wear with it? Do you find it hard to match?

    I wear a lot of greys, cream, and brown (usually with jeans). My "freezing weather" winter coat is a burgandy color, so I think that would clash, but my wool coat is chocolate-colored, and my spring coat is black.

    Thanks so much!!
  2. Sea Green is not bright. It's a deeply saturated green-blue. For some reason, in pics it looks straight green, but IRL (my SG anyway) it's got some blue in it. More green than blue, however.

    Looks like you wear a lot of neutrals. I think Sea Green will work with your wardrobe bringing pop to your outfits. It'll def. go with your black and chocolate coats, not sure if your burgundy will match SG. Could we see your coat?

    I wear neutrals too, and find that matching it with a similar-colored scarf or other accessory plays up the "pop," and verifies it, if you know what I'm trying to say.

    I have a modeling pic up from today in the RM in Actions thread, if you're interested.
  3. I wondered about mine before I received it.
    Once I got it though, I find that it goes with so much. It is a muted green, definitely more green. And although it has punch to it, it's not a horribly bright punch. It's just enough to add a "wow" to your outfit.
  4. Random...but I am watching "What not to wear" and they just showed an RM bag with one of the manikins and I'm pretty sure it was the Sea Green color. It looked beautiful!
  5. The seagreen reminds me of is darker than the pics make it look. If you want a lighter shade, the peacock color should be what you want.
  6. I have the sea green MAM and I find that im able to match it with my whole wardrobe, neutrals, burgundy, blues purples. Like Lulu said its very muted to go well with other saturated colors, and bright enough to give a great pop to your outfit. I love it!
    I have some modeling pics to but i showed it with a neutral. I have worn it with a burgundy cardiwrap and it looks great so i think it will def be fine with your winter coat
  7. Ooh you guys are getting me all excited!! thanks for all of the advice : )
  8. it's not bright green that you'll remind people of a tree when you wear brown....or xmas when you wear red. LOL it's much darker teal green...I think the best shot of what it looks like IRL is the pics of the MAC in that Gossip Girl episode...I think it goes with's a really pretty color...=)
  9. I saw that same episode last night! We were watching at the same time (I love that show!!!). LOL!
    It was definitely a sea green MAM.
  10. I would never in my wildest dreams think that I would own a sea green bag because I'm not a green lover at all. I'm obsessed with pink!! However, I think that sea green is just a gorgeous color and I've found that it's pretty easy to work into my wardrobe. I prefer to wear it with a black top or sweater and then wear a pink scarf with it. The two go fabulous together. Esp. my cosmo & raspberry mousse Love Quotes scarves!! They're matches made in heaven! You'll love the sea green once you see it IRL, I'm sure of it! ;)
  11. I love my SeaGreen bag. It's not bright or flashy. Very neutral and very pretty. You made a good choice. It's one of my favorite RM colors...

  12. OK, now you are all making me want something in sea green......
    Was there a Mini Nikki made in sea green?
  13. cooper1, unfortunatley no, there was no Sea Green Mini Nikki.

    kocanez, I have an SG MAC and find the color to be very eye-catching although it's not bright. It a deep saturated color which, like everyone else, I find it matching way more in wardrobe than I thought. Most RM bags appear lighter and brighter in photos due to the flash than they really are. I think you would like Sea Green.
  14. Sea Green MAM! :graucho:
  15. ohhhh SG MAC...:drool:...sooo beautiful :sweatdrop: