those of you with origan b-bags

  1. Hey guys! I'm considering getting an origan bag, which seems to be a nice neutral, but not boring color.

    For those of you with origan...can you post pictures in different light? (hope I'm not asking too much). Cause i can't tell if it's more green or more khaki. How would you describe the color? THANKS!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. hip, hip, hooooooooooooray for origan b-bags, one of the best colors around's one of my favorites, which is why i've got 2 of 'em now (my miss origan courier & miss origan work)...i've only got 1 photo, but will try & take more tomorrow didi-girl :tender:
  3. does any store still have this color available?
  4. the nyc b-bag store is sold out & so is AR, but it's worth calling around to stores like "Barney's" & "neiman's" i guess :shrugs:
  5. Whoohooo, let's out Aallabama and all her bags! What other gems do you have hiding in there? You can run but you can't hide lady! :sneaky:
  6. lol :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I love my origan twiggy. It's definitely a green, but not overly loud. Here she is.
    origan twiggy.jpg
  8. wow, that's gorgeous elongreach, i've never seen an origan twigster :tender:
  9. Elongreach, that's one hot bag!
  10. Thanks! It's definitely my fave bbag!
  11. it's really such an amazing & under-rated color & is totally versatile can wear it with just about anything & it works for all seasons!!!
  12. ^i totally agree... i love origan! such a beautiful color. I even saw a few specimens at AR (granted 6 months back) that had really pretty leather.
  13. pretty bag, elongreach!
    i don't think i've seen origan ever irl... i've always thought it was a great neutral.
  14. Definitely. :yes: It's not a dark green or a bright green. It's just so neutral, you can wear it with browns or blacks.
  15. okay, i've just found 2 photos of my new miss origan work b-bag :tender:
    45883d1153794683-wts-gorgeous-nwt-balenciaga-origan-work-bag-img_0685_1.jpg 45885d1153794683-wts-gorgeous-nwt-balenciaga-origan-work-bag-img_0687_1.jpg