Those of you with Jaune, what does your leather feel like?

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  1. I got my twiggy yesterday, yay! The leather feels somewhat "structured". I'm not even sure how to describe it, and I've bought and sold over 50 bbags. It looks like all the others so I won't bother posting a pic right now. The leather seems almost smooth and, not hard, but not soft ya know? I don't dislkike it, but it is very differnet than what I've seen/felt before. I think it will wear very well and break in beautifully. Just curious how the others are.
  2. Very hard to reply accurately. Comparison of 4 07 GH Cities.

    Sandstone - soft and plump feeling, maybe mildly dry but not in a negative way.

    Violet - not as soft, plump and wrinkled and with an almost 'greasy' surface feel.

    Forest Green - very different, thinner, smoother, slicker.

    Jaune - quite thick, not as soft as Sandstone, less wrinkled but most like Violet.

    I think my Sandstone feels best. Violet and Jaune are a pair. My Forest Green is the oddest in terms of feel.

    PS - all came from legit suppliers.
  3. I know what you mean. One thing I noticed about my Jaune City is that the leather is very thick and the bag is actually a bit heavier than others. I'm sure this will make the bag wear very well, much better than thinner, softer leather but it will take longer to break in.
  4. I just received my jaune city yesterday and I also see where you're coming from. When I read this thread today I started "petting" my bag :smile: and noticed that compared to my mastic city that was right beside it, it is not as soft. I really noticed on the tassels. My mastic tassels are almost "poufy" - does that make sense? And the jaune tassels are thinner and stiffer. But - I LOVE this color and am convinced it will break in beautifully. It is not at all as in your face as I was expecting it to be. Let's keep each other posted as we break them in. Have a great weekend!
  5. My jaune twiggy also arrived recently, and I can't say I am crazy about the leather. It does feel stiffer, albeit thicker, than in previous seasons, and I think I actually prefer thinner but softer leather.
  6. I had the jaune work and sold it. Anyway, the leather was TDF, super soft and smooshy. I think it depends on the batch. The one I had was thick, but very smooshy and soft. It was a GSH bag, maybe that makes a difference too. :confused1:
  7. My SGH Jaune day is super thick and perfectly distressed, but I asked for it that way! I agree, will take longer to break in but oohh, I can't wait for the results. I also have a Jaune compagnon, it is TDF, the leather is the prettiest ever. Medium thick, even distressing, love it. Anyway, there is a difference, but both are very nice.
  8. I think it depends on the batch. My jaune twiggy (one of the first arrival to BalNY) has very thick leather and is very soft. I recently saw a jaune city with much thinner and stiffer leather.