Those of you with Gryson Skyes - do you love them?

  1. I just received mine in Smoke and while I love the color and leather, I'm a little iffy on the handles/shoulder straps. I find the straps a bit awkward in the way they lay especially with the tips sticking out! Is it something I'll get used to - if you have one - do you just love it???
  2. I gotta admit I got mine 2weeks ago and have only worn it once so far but I do love it and I agree it can be a bit awkward but I do think its something we will get used to.
  3. I havent used mine yet.
  4. Can you post pics? I'd love to see what bag you guys are talking about (sorry, I am not up to par w/all designers) :shame: :s
  5. I LOVE MINE! I feel like it's the perfect bag and the Smoke goes with all of the colors I am wearing this fall. I agree the straps are a little annoying - they get in the way sometimes when I am trying to zip or unzip my bag, but I love that I have option of shoulder straps too.
    I have had quite a few compliments and queries as to where I got it. I have to say this is my favorite bag since my first designer purchase (MJ Stella).
  6. Here's the bag:

  7. I bought a chocolate Skye from Active Endevours and received it last week - I love(d) it! The leather was beautiful and the size was perfect for me unfortunately, however, I had to send it back for an exchange (for the same bag) as the leather near the base of one of the braided handles was starting to unravel...hopefully that was just an anomaly and the next one I get will be perfect.

    Speaking of the Skye, does anyone know if the new camel color will be sold anywhere else other than NM or BG?
  8. Oh yes the Bag Snob had a posting about the leather on the Skye handle unraveling for some people. I guess one person wrote to Gryson and Mr. Gryson (Joy's hubby) wrote back and apologized profusely - pretty cool! :yes:

    I am anxiously watching mine to make sure the same thing doesn't happen.
  9. i'e tried on this bag some weeks ago, and fell in love with how it looks on me.
    but i don't have the cash yet though :P
  10. My Voluntary purse ban went by the wayside. I just ordered this bag in Chocolate. I've been looking at it for quite some time. I can't tell by the pic how those shoulder straps work. Are they removeable?
  11. The straps unbuckle at the metal part and you can remove them. But the metal buckle part is attached to the bag and cannot be removed.
  12. I'm still not getting the picture. Can anyone take a pic of the top of the bag with the straps removed? What metal part are you talking about. This is the bad part about falling in love with a bag and buying it sight unseen. How do those shoulder straps turn upward with them buckled like that?

  13. Lexie, The shoulder straps are attatched to the top of the bag by a buckle which is designed to swivel a full 360 degrees. This allows you to fasten the shoulder straps to the underside of the bag if you don't want to use them. It also functions to let the shoulder straps fall out of the way if you release them to open the bag. Hope this helps.
  14. can anyone post pics wearing the bag? :P

  15. Check out the ActiveEndeavors website. They show the bags on models. More than one view too!