Those of you with a coach ipod case...

  1. What do you do to protect the screen? I really freaking hate that someone paid $68.00 on an ipod case with no screen protector (it was a gift)!!! I have an ipod nano and I keep it in the case to protect it from getting banged around in my bag, but I'm always paranoid that one of my keys is gonna scratch the screen! What is the point of this silly case if it doesn't protect the screen? I guess it's sole purpose is to look cute? ARG!

    The ipod case I have can be seen in this photo:
  2. That's a good question. I'm looking to buy one in the fall for my video ipod and would really like to know the answer.
  3. Hahaha you're the dirty wapity girl! lmaooo :P

    I'm almost considering buying a juicy couture one, because they have a screen protector - but then having the coach one is a waste! :sad:
  4. well...i know this is a simple answer, but I just put it in one of the inside pockets in my bag by itself.
  5. That's what I've been doing - but for bags that are less structured like my speedy or my balenciaga - there is only one pocket, and I put my cell phone in there because when my phone rings at the bottomless pit I call my speedy I ALWAYS miss the call unless I keep it secluded in the pocket :hrmm:
  6. I've never seen the juicy one. Doesn't matter it probably doesnt fit the video ipod
  7. I just got my friend the mini case,and I was wondering the same thing. Maybe get a screen protecter?..Its like this type of film you can put on screens?
  8. I didn't think about that...I use my larger bags mostly when I have my iPod because I'm usually going to class. but what i have done in my speedy is use my pochette as an "organizer", and put my iPod, cell, sidekick, and wallet in it and that way it's separate. i used to use my wapity for my iPod holder.

  9. HOT. I just bought the ipod nano protector for $4.99 FREE SHIPPING! Can't beat that! I'll let you know how it is ;)
  10. I have a mini ipod case and I usually just throw the whole thing in my screen hasn't been scratched up at all in the year I've had it.
  11. I use a clear plastic adhesive protector (actually, i think it's static cling). Keeps the screen from being scratched, and if the protector gets scratched i just buy a new one. got it from the apple web store, but I can't seem to find it anymore. It was a set of stickers, one for the entire back of the iPod, one for the front, and one for the scroll wheel. I didn't like the scroll wheel sticker, so I took it off, but the rest of the ipod has been encased in thin, crystal clear, protective plastic since day 1, not a scratch yet. :smile:
  12. I have a Coach I-Pod hold for my mini and I never had any problems with the screen.
  13. yea, I got a similar pack of these things for like 5 bucks from best buy...i used it for my cell, my ipod and my digi, but, they get really dirty fast IMO and I have to replace them....maybe another brand wouldn't look as "scuzzy" after use LOL
  14. lol whenever i get a new ipod model i take the clear sticker off the round roller and put it onto the screen.
  15. I use the shades from iskin. They work great!