Those of you who own proven authentic Blakes...

  1. I think I mayyy have bought a really GOOD fake Blake. If it's fake at all - I'm not sure yet. I did a point by point inspection and everything looks accurate except the Marc Jacobs inside plate. But I'm not sure. I've taken many detailed pics - however - I can't download them yet b/c my father took the wire home. So for now, I just have a few questions about the blake. 1) Does MJ vary the inside plate? does it sometimes say just Marc Jacobs in rounded letters? Sometimes it says Marc Jacobs made in italy? Mine is actually boxed - and the edge lift off ever so slightly - it doesn't look like the inner name plate like my other bags - but after looking - I realized they're all different. And I bought all the others from Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. 2) if after much use, does the inner suede become less "suede" like. What I mean is - I have a brand new MJ bag that hasn't been used and the feel is different hten this one I bought from eBay. . I'll post pics and more questions as I think of them thanks! OH YEAH!! If you have a blake - could you please post some detailed pics - especially the inside handles where it connects to the ring
  2. Hm, I hope it's not! Do you have the link to the auction?

    Blakes are different from other MJ bags in the way it connects to the O rings, so don't compare it to the other styles. Hopefully some girls will post photos of this part for you!
  3. Can you post pics? I have a blake and can compare yours to mine.....
    :heart: Emmy
  4. Yes - please post pics. I will compare with my Blake, too. I can't post pics right now, but I can compare your pics with my bag. :yes:
  5. yes, I definitely will!

    As far as I can tell - it looks identical all on the outside - and the inside most of it. The only thing that looks strange to me is the quality of the inner material - it doesn't feel like my others - the suede feel. I'm just not sure if it's a worn down suede (flattened out) or pigskin. Also, The Marc Jacobs name plate inside is square, says M A R C J A C O B S in a different way then I've seen - and the ends are lifting off a slight bit. I'm thinking this is an older bag? But then again - Blakes are a new style for the most part.
    Last, the bag was shipped from Canada. I don't know if that counts for anything. I'm just really upset and disgusted with myself.
    But I have to say one thing - if the things I stated above make it a fake - then I must say - it's a really good fake. Seriously, this color is so's a little more blue than the Peacock I was seeking and all the hardware and sizing are accurate (compared to my other MJ bags).
    Yes....I am so sorry for not stating this...but I am the buyer of that bag that said "Petroleum Blue" - I was shopping on eBay late one night - saw this auction - compared the hardware to my other MJ's - the auction claimed all the right things (riri m8 zippes), etc and the color was amazing. I did a stupid thing and bought it without asking so many questions. Afterwards I saw posts about the bag in the Authenticate this section and felt stupid saying it was me buying this bag on a whim. :shame::shame::weird::wacko: This is totally not like me - I usually buy from the stores - and now I'm just SICK over this. I really could use some advice - I will post pics later and hopefully you ladies can direct can find the auction by searching completed items Petroleum blue. thanks.
  6. oh man...I hope it's not a fake...I can help some..I have a bright blue blake from several years ago. I wonder if this is the same as you are decribing. What color is the stitching?? I have to go to work now but will check back in tonight. maggie
  7. No where in the auction it's stated that it is an authentic Marc Jacobs bag, not in the title or description. Seller does not guarantee authenticity either.
    By looking at the pics on the listing, the font seems off to me on the zipper (last pic). Font looks too thin JMO.
  8. Hmm...true...I'm such a fool. Do I have any sought of recourse if the seller never guaranteed authenticity? Now what do I do? Do I even have a case?
    I mean, they stated the Marc Jacobs words everywhere?

    BTW - the underside - where the material meets is a dark blue color - not matching the color of the bag. Is that how blakes are?
  9. I would still contact the seller for a refund. If that does not work you can go the eBay/Paypal route. Here's a link that might help:

  10. Just because she doesn't say it's authentic in the auction doesn't necessarily mean that it's fake. If I were you, I would post detailed pictures in the "authenticate this" thread so that the MJ experts can tell you whether or not it looks authentic. Then, you can go from there. Good luck!
  11. I forgot to mention that you only have 30 days from the close of the auction to file your claim with Paypal. Good luck... we're here if you need help. :smile: