Those of you who ordered from LVR last week

  1. Did you all get your items? I had to fax a from to Fedex today and I can pick up my order tonight. I did NOT feel comfortable putting my SSN on that form! Are you girls happy with your orders and did anything arrive damaged or poor quality?...just wondering.:heart:
  2. I almost ordered from there but changed my mind. Glad I did now, YIKES! I would NOT be comfortable with that either.
  3. Customs clearance requires personal details. Customs would keep track of who is importing what. Nothing can be done about it.
  4. i don't see the problem :confused1: but then again i'm used to putting mine on pretty much everything (well the finnish equivalent) so i never even give it a second thought.
  5. I had to do the same. My gray shoulder was delivered today. Very nice!
  6. nice to know rondafaye!~ My boobies are still at fedex, I went to Neimans after work with my daughter instead of going to fedex and we got back too late...I didnt buy anything. But Nicole got a pair of Christian Laboutin shoes...oh wait. I paid for them. She cant have them until Christmas...heh..heh..heh! She's already going crazy!