Those of you who manage to purchase the Accordion chain...

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  1. How did you guys do it? I called my local LV and the SA told me that they have one at the moment, but said that I need to bring the accordion wallet along to be able to purchase it since they actually don't sell the chain alone if you don't have the wallet.

    I really want it..!!! :crybaby:How can I get one? :sad:
  2. With the help of a fellow tPFer, I managed to get one through the customer service centre via phone payment. However, I think they have caught on to this sudden demand for accordian chains and now ask that you go to a store with your wallet...

    Maybe you can try calling up your local customer service centre, or try another store that hasn't caught on yet?
  3. My local boutique had it in stock, I purchased one along with a mono pochette. Was charged $40 for the chain, though, which seems a bit high.

    I think calling 866 is a great idea if your local boutique doesn't have the chains.
  4. It is a bit pricey.
  5. Is that US$40? That's pricey if it is! I only paid AU$40.
  6. ^^ I heard it is $20?
  7. There's only one store around here, at least, at the moment. :sad:
  8. Is it the same chain? I mean the chain for accordion and the chain for the pochette, are they both the same?

    My local boutique has it, they just won't sell it to me if I don't bring along the accordion wallet. :sad:
  9. I went to my own SA who wouldn't sell it to me because he said their store doesn't sell replacement parts. :cursing:
    So I'm going to 800LV to see if they can ship one my way. Wish me luck and thanks for the idea!
  10. I called a boutique a couple of cities over to request the chain (so that I wouldn't be asked to bring the accordian in...cause I don't own one!), and she said she'd order it and ship it to me. I asked what the cost would be, and she said she requested it as a "repair", so it won't cost anything!!!! :wlae:

    The only downside is that I have to wait 4-6 weeks because it's coming from France!!!! NICE!!!!! :P
  11. I called 800 and they said i have to bring my wallet in the store to get the repair part! I'm getting frustrated. :cursing:
  12. I asked if I could order the chain, but the SA said that the only way to get it is if you have the wallet......
  13. How strange that we are getting different responses and prices! Guess I was lucky to get mine, even at $40 US!
  14. I've been trying as well through lots of different ways. Here are the responses:

    866- HAVE to bring the wallet in to the store to prove its one of theirs

    Store not located in my city- Will sell it for $80

    Still waiting to hear back from my local store

    I decided I would pay $20-30 but not more because I really don't need it. I only wanted it to attach to the zipper on my wallet to use it as a clutch.
  15. i want one!!!!! can anyone get one for me?